Thursday, December 1, 2011


Really? Where has this year gone? It's December 1st already? This year seems to have zipped by & I wasn't even having fun! This year has been consumed with problems with the ankle & dealing with insurance & such. But at least the surgery finally happened & I am now on the road to recovery. Speaking of roads, I went to town today to get a new handicapped placard. Well, I FORGOT to put on my ankle brace! Oh well, I'm already part way there, so I can do this. I get there, give them the paperwork, get the placard & go a different route to get back to the RV. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! Argh, construction & I knew it, but I did NOT know that they would have the street closed!! Oh fun, fun, fun....and at the lights, 4 way stops in heavy traffic. So my foot screams at me, Enough already! I'm halfway back to the RV, but have to take a detour, so had to go a completely different route to get back. Got back, ran the dogs, put some laundry in the washer & finally came to the RV for a little "me" time. I love "me" time. I can't wait till the day I can drive off & be my own person again. Just me, my dogs & kitties.
I was planning on stopping at a store to look at small C'mas trees, but that didn't happen. So I guess next week, I'll do that. Tomorrow, it's Camping World for Ellie's assesment of her damages. So I'd better get busy & get her road ready. Things have been taken out of place & left out after surgery & I am able to at least spiffy her up a little. Wish I could wash her too, but that's out of the question for now.

I can't say it enough how much I appreciate having this RV!

I hope everyone is having a great day!
Ellie parked at a park while I rest & walk the dogs on the Natchez Trace Pkwy.

What I wish we were doing right now! I love driving. And no, this ain't Texas ;-)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Hope you got your brace back on and your ankle is feelings some better. I'm praying 2012 will be a much brighter year for you.

  2. Yeah ditto to what Donna said... and yes that ain't Texas ... HAhaaaa

    I'm glad you love your home... makes me want to get my 5th wheel fixed and planted somewhere near water and my little g'daughter...

    Going to work on that... hope the damn thing hasn't rotted... it was gorgeous 6 years ago.... sigh

  3. Thank you Donna, I'm sorry that you were sick on your last outing. That really sucks! We all could use a better 2012!

    Carolyn, where is your 5th wheel? I didn't know you had one. You need to go check on it. I know the perfect place to park it in Texas

  4. It's in Texarkana at my MIL's... I posted about it looong time ago... wow, can't believe I've been blogging for 5 months!

    We bought it in 2005 or 06 --- to live in while I helped take care of my 96 year old Mother... I do not like Texarkana... I left there at 18 to never return... lol

    Only to see family did I go back. But when Dad got sick... I lived in the house to take care of him and then my... oh, who the hell cares... on and on and on...

    Then when Mother got sick... I - the only daughter - again needed to be there. So after my son graduated high school and went to college, I moved back to take care of her.

    I lived in it for two years then my son came down to finish a college course HAH! and well... met baby mama and here we go...

    What was your question? Since he and baby mama broke up... she moved back there with her family and I'd like to be able to come down and see my g'baby as often as I like as would Joe (husband) and my son....

    I'd like to park it somewhere close --- OUT of my MIL's - boooooooo hiss

    Lake Wright Patman is there - a Corps park - and I can park it there half price but it's one of those deals where you have to move every 14 days and the damn thing's too big and so on and so forth...

    The insurance and the tires and everything ... lots of stuff to fix and I haven't even seen it in a couple of years... Joe will be going by maybe this weekend... even he and his Mom... unfortunately don't get along... looooong story.

    But, she's 83 now and he really needs to go see her... try to fix their relationship... doubt it but FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY --- that's why I run awaaaaaay!

  5. I hope it's still in good condition then Carolyn. Have you ever considered selling it & going with something that you could pehaps tow?

  6. Oh, yes... many times. But not to tow.

    I wanted a Roadtrek or something similar. Trade it in.

    However, now with my g'baby there... it would be a nice place for us all to visit her whenever we want.

    Homer is great for traveling but I don't want to live in him... not good. This journey -- is a discovery trip and what I want to do... from the beginning - it's been to sort stuff out.

    Got LOTS of sorting t'do... ;(

  7. Yes, there would be a difference in wanting something to park & live in vs traveling to live in. I hope you get things figured out on this trip. How much longer are you staying?

  8. I booked the motel for a month. I will leave on 12/20... unless I can't stand the guilt any longer! lol

    As I said in an earlier blog post ... I don't want to go home...

    Sooooooo - growing up is a real bitch. I'm serious. I have fought it tooth and limb.... boo hiss on adulthood...

    I'm just taking it one day at a time... sometimes an hour at a time... you know the routine... we all do that reached adulthood... blech

  9. Love your posts. Hope you're feeling better and that 2012 is excellent for you!

  10. How could you go off without the boot!. You are as bad as I am.
    You better be careful or you will never get back on the road. Are you hearing me? lol just what you need a momma.
    Becare full for sure.

  11. Carolyn, we'll have to try to meet up when you head home!

    Thanks so much Jool! I like reading your blog too :-)

    JoJo, I had the boot with me, but forgot the brace, which I wear to drive with.It's just for extra support. Can't drive with that boot though. but I think I could walk on the moon with it! And I think the darn thing weighs 20 pounds! But I'm feeling better every day, so that's a good thing.


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