Monday, December 26, 2011

A most lazy day, leak update & heating the RV

I am having a most lazy kinda day! Been sitting here trying to catch up on blogs, watching old movies on tv, eating cheese & crackers because I'm too lazy to fix anything real to eat. Maybe I need a life? Maybe not...don't want to over extend myself!

Lookie! That's what the sun looks like! Yay!

The SUN is trying to come out! Yay  & Yipee! We NEED that! The overhead in the RV still needs some desperate drying out. I've taken all the curtains off, the cushions have dried & are still in my friends studio. Those things are huge & I have no idea yet how long they will have to stay out there. I hope they don't mind! My friends that is, I doubt the cushions care much. I sprayed the over head area with clorox clean up to help prevent mold, but I know the water went deep down into the wood.  I remembered my small shop vac the other day when it was once again flooding up there, so got it out & sucked up 3 gallons of water! I also had two big towels there, they too were full of water. I have a micro mini tool kit to use with the shop vac, so that helped as I was able to go down a bit of a ways into the edging & suck up water with it. I also know it'll be a few days yet till the insurance company actually sends someone back out again. :-/  I sure hope they'll take care of this for me. The damages from a few weeks back caused this.

Right now, I've had a heater going in here 24/7. It's been cold outside & dreary. But the heat is good to help keep the RV drier as well. Last year, I made a collosial mistake of closing off the cab area (classC RV) while trying to keep the RV warm. Why was that a mistake? Because condensation moved in! It was nasty, it was bad. The cab area mildewed! It took me two shampooings & dropping baking soda on the carpeting to dry it all back up again. I'll never make that mistake again. And I've discovered that the RV actually stays warmer with the heater sitting between my front seats on a stool to keep the RV nice & warm. The kitchen/bathroom area stay a little cooler, but that's ok. The actual living area stays warm. I try to keep the bathroom door open this time of year too so condensation doesn't build in there. At least now that it seems to be done raining, I can probably close the bathroom door more.

This photo shows where my space heater is located. Geez, look at all those cords. Why haven't I strangled myself by now on those? Ha!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I had a good one. I'm grateful for friends & spent some time on the phone with family. We had a great Christmas dinner too, life is good. I miss my family & plan on going to Pa for the summer to spend it with them. I've not told them yet though & now everything depends on the situation with the RV.

~ As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I'm hoping to make a new acquaintance with the sun, maybe tomorrow? I sure hope your rig dries out soon...

  2. Sure hope you hear from the insurance company about coverage and they don't give you any grief about it. And the sun coming out to shine will help you dry things up a lot.
    A trip to PA is definitely worth planning. We really, really enjoyed our time there.

  3. Don't ever think being lazy isn't a life. We've earned it.

    Happy drying out.

  4. Sure hoping you get good news very soon about the insurance coverage. Be sure you let them know that all your blogging friends want to know who you have coverage with and how the claims process is going. Nothing like a little incentive for them.

  5. Cheese and crackers sounds good! If you really want to be lazy, use that spray on cheese stuff. Then, you'll know you're really living!! Glad you're starting to dry out a bit and warm up.

  6. The Insurance company sure is taking there time with this. If they don't hurry it will cost even more to fix. Good luck drying out.
    Maybe we will see more sun for awhile it sure was beautiful here today.

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