Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Hooked & those eyes are watching you!

Howdy, Hope everyone is well & are having a great day!

Got up this morning, got the RV road ready, put stuff away, turned the passenger seat back to where it's supposed to seat for driving, Armor-alled the dash, etc (because I always get carried away). Drove RV to Camping World, they were really nice to deal with (so far anyhow). They took notes & said they'd fax back an estimate & I also gave them the business card from the Insurance Agent. Then I called the Ins. Agent & left a message that I got the RV over to CW. He called back to confirm that he got my message & actually took the time to ask me how I was doing & about my ankle. What a nice guy! He said he'd be back in contact once the estimate got to him & he sends it in for approval. Fingers crossed - everyone please! I hope they will approve & get the damages fixed!

Then I came back, hooked the RV back up & drove the van to Walmart for some more shirts, jeans & a rain coat as I'm going to go coursing again this weekend. Good luck little Birdie! Run well & don't get hurt this time. I felt so bad when she fell the last time, but these things happen & she really didn't get hurt badly. She was herself in a few days & she so loves to run! And she runs well.

So ok, time to get hooked? What am I talking about this time? A towel hook for the RV bathroom of course! Since I don't like putting holes in RV walls to put a hook on, I use a hook that I can hang from the shower curtain rod. Plus I wouldn't want a damp towel hanging on the walls anyhow. So here are some pics of my bathroom - I finally got to take my first shower this morning since the surgery! It felt good, I would have loved to stay in there longer, but I'm not hooked up to water & don't have a dump here either. And I forgot to dump at CW, so I'll have to remember to do that when I go back!

Inexpensive plastic hook that hangs over curtain rod.
A photo of the towel hanging from the hook. The black bag, I forgot to take down. It got wet, so I hanged it there to dry.
These are my cute little Texas Flags that hold my curtain up!

And of course, had to have a Texas Hand towel too! Actually, I also have 2 big Texas bath towels as well.

The scraper with the green on it. I use that to scrape the water down after I shower. I have to store things in the tub, so I scrape away the water & sometimes dry the shower with an old hand towel to dry it if I need to put the items back into my tub quicker.

My Tub.

A container of items that I have to store in the tub due to lack of storage for them. I also keep one of those pop up hampers in the tub when I have dirty clothes to toss into it. Right now, I usually use the shower in my friends house, so my shower doesn't get used that much. But while I'm recovering & can't step into the big garden tub in my friend's house, I'll use the RV shower. I don't mind, I like using my little shower!

Now, this is the sight I saw on my way home! I nearly stopped dead on the road when I saw this! But I realized it was next door, I did not need to stop to take a photo. I could pull in the driveway, put my things away & take the pics! Someone bought the acreage next door & they are putting up an RV garage to store their RV in. They will eventually put a house on the lot too, but they are tired of paying storage on it, so they are building their own.
Soooo, look out, these eyes are watching you!!

The neighbors big ClassA RV!

The RV garage they are constructing right now.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Love your Texas theme in the bathroom. That is a very unique paint job on the class A. Looks like there is a lot of room where you are staying. Great to have such good friends.

  2. Hi Longdogs2, I'm in a subdivision that every home has at least 3 acres. My friends have 3, the lot beside them is 5. So the people bought that lot & are building their RV garage in the center of the lot. I wanted to let you know that I read your blogs, but I'm not able to comment on them because google won't recognize my account on some comment formats

  3. What fun your neighbors must be! Glad ya got to shower!

  4. Nice paint job on the Class A. Hey maybe they're celebs. hahha
    I hope your dog does well this weekend.
    And the ins. gets on your repair quickly. There must have been lots of complaints getting to CW head quarters been hearing how nice they have been treating the custmers.

  5. Hi TexCyn,
    Wanted to drop by and say thanks for following my blog. I'll have to read back to earlier posts to figure out what coursing is. :)


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