Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Burn Ban dishonored & C'mas Deccies

Welcome to Judy & Emma! I think a lot of folks that blog in the RV world know of them - what a fascinating blog they have! Judy has a dog, Emma that she adopted, or rather adopted Judy & she lives her RV life as a volunteer. Currently working on the Texas Gulf Coast (my favorite place). If you haven't met them virtually yet, please follow their link:

Hi Everyone, hope life is being good to ya'll. I have to share this photo with everyone from Saturday morning at the 7IL Ranch in Cat Springs, Texas. We had our big AKC national lure coursing event there, but I'll write another blog about that later as I also want to share a little bit about the ranch as well.

Seems the new neighbor ignored the burn ban this morning! I went out to walk Feather & smelled it & thought, hmmmm, smoke...looked & saw the fire burning! Came back in to grab the camera when done with Feather & the fire department showed up. They came out & discussed the fire with the crew over there & the fire was put out. They had to dump a bunch of dirt on it & will now have to cut up the trees & haul them off. BUT everyone knows we're under a burn ban! Even other out of state RVers know that as they are not happy that they can't even fire up their bbq grills here at most places.

Firetruck stopped at side of road. The firemen came out to discuss the situation.

Firemen discussing with crew member.

Yep, tis a fire a'burnin' thar!

Fire snuffed!

And now onto my cheapie C'mas decs. Stopped by the 99cent store to get zip lock bags on my way back from Doc office yesterday. Well, that may have been  a mistake! Or a near mistake? Anyhow, I had a cart full of cheapie C'mas deccies, so I had to go back & dump most of them back onto the shelves as I was getting carried away! I have no idea why they call it a 99cent store because my bill usually ends up somewhere around $20 or so ;-)  Oh & I also got two foam things that kids float on for 99 cents each, a plastic blue tarp for 99cents, (come to think of it, I think everything rings up at $1.00), some velcro as there's always use for velcro in an RV & a few items like that. I have some leftover reflectix & thought maybe I'd try to make my own vent covers. Will share that project if it works out. I have big stuffy ones, but they are hard to pop in & keep popped in because they were made for a different kind of vent than what I have.
So here are my deccies! Just little things to make me smile each day! :-D

The tapestry I bought last year, but it helps block out light when I want it to. The new thing is the little bell snowflake, I thought it would ring when I'd open & close the door. But the screen blocks it from doing that. No biggie though. And the thing under is a chinese calender that fits the length of the window. I keep meaning to do something with it as in glueing some fabric or something to it or making some kind of design on it, but so far,, I've not gotten to it. But I've only had it for 5 years, so I'll get to it one of these days!

This is in the picture window above my sofa. Cute isn't it!

I also have two bunched strands of pepper lights in the kitchen that stay up year round. One of them fell off during a rough trip on some bad highway roads & kind of fell apart, so I have to fix that & get it hanging back up soon. Love my pepper lights! And I spotted some really cute old timey looking plaques with pics on them that would be adorable in my kitchen. So I'm procrastinating on going back to get some as I'm not sure that I really want to put any holes in the walls. Nor do I want to use any kind of permanent adhesive pads. When it comes time to resell this RV, I don't want to plug it full of holes! And the kitchen deco may not be to someone else's liking if I did that.
I still kind of want to get a little tree, BUT if the RV goes into the shop for repairs, then most of the C'mas season with a little tree would be gone. So I'll probably skip the tree idea. I do love Christmas & all holidays! As a child, I used to sit by our real C'mas trees & just gaze at them. They were so glorious! Especially in a child's eyes. I find it sad that many don't do this for their kids anymore. So I'm satisfying my inner kid!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. That looks like a huge fire to be starting when you're under a burn ban. Geez!

    I like your decorations. If you want to put some lightweight stuff on the wall, there is a product called Elmer's Removable Adhesive Putty. You can find it at Michael's and probably other places as well. It's like clay almost and you knead a small piece of it and stick it wherever you want to put something up. I use it in my motorhome but haven't checked to see if it leaves a residue when removed. It isn't supposed to.

  2. Love the Christmas decorations! Try these Command hooks that hold 3lbs. with no nails and no marks
    (I haven't tried them yet).
    I cannot believe the folks with that big fire - I'm within miles of the giant Possum Kingdom fires that burned here in TX. We will never forget the fires of 2011. Hundreds of thousands of acres destroyed. Whew.
    Thanks for your post today!

  3. Those dumby should be find a few thousand dollars for lighting such a huge fire like that burn ban or not, that is insane. God people can be stupid.
    OK I'm better now.
    Your decorations are cute. I use that putty stuff and it works well and won't leave any stains or mark. And the command hooks are good too. Have fun with your kitchen decore. I think I mentioned it before I love that rear kitchen.

  4. Got to spoil yourself once in a while ;-)

    On the burn-ban..... some ppl just don't get it. I agree w/Judy!

  5. Sorry, I meant JoJo.... I agree with JoJo.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions for the puddy. I got some today, went back & got my little kitchen plaques that I saw that I liked. So I'll get them up tomorrow & get some pics taken - hopefully.
    I do have the command hooks, but I don't think I want to use them anymore. When PPL put in my fridge, they bumped a wall that had a hook on it, well, the hook tore the wallpaper!


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