Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tires And Wires

Hi everyone, hope all is fine with ya'll. 

So today's post is...Tires And Wires!

Oh how exciting!!!

Aren't you glad you stopped by??

So Ellie needed to be inspected. 

Of course, inspection was for January.

But we can ride on a couple of days in February & still be legal.

But it's only 3 or 5 days? I think 5, not positive about that though. 

Regardless, had to get things done first!

Soooo, HiHo, HiHo, off to the tire shop we go!

Tuckers Tire & Storage
1021 Ave. H, Rosenberg, TX 77471 

They do city trucks & such, so Ellie isn't a problem for them. 

AND they are QUITE reasonable!

I needed two new tires because I had forgotten that I needed two new tires when I had them all rotated last year! I was so mad at myself. Then when I returned from my trip, one of the older tires took on a nail, just to remind me! I do have a guardian angel 0:-)   

Those two older tires were on my drivers side duallies. So I went there, & they got me fixed up with the new tires! Yay! 

Didn't take long while I waited inside either. So I took some shots, of  Ellie through the surgery window while she underwent her surgery. 

 The Operating Room
Ellie is plain tireless! 

So, she gets her new shoes, I pay, off we go! 


But we only go a few blocks. Mechanic is next on the list!

I went to the mechanic I used last year, TexSalv, but they were too busy, so they suggested Garcia's around the corner. TexSalv recommended them because they knew it was crunch time for my inspection. 

3312 Old Richmond Rd
Rosenberg, TX  77471

Garcia's Mechanic & Body Shop
817 Jennetta St, Rosenberg, TX 77471  
(these are mostly for my records, but I don't mind sharing them)
I'm ALWAYS grateful to find ANY place that WILL work on a motorhome!

Garcia's was wonderful! 

Ellie decided it would be soooo much fun to fast blink on the front & no blink at all on the rear with the right turn signal. BAD ELLIE! 
I googled. Usually, it suggests that the Multifunction switch has gone wacko, bad, elsicko. 
So they go off to get that part. They install it, uh oh. Ellie is still winking!
Naughty girl that she is. 

Soooo, they take off her tail light! He is great, he asks if he can do this or that on the next step. I tell him yes. 
Then I go inside of Ellie because the tail light backs up to my kitchen. I take my drawer of pots & pans out of it's slide (darn slide broke off, still have to fix that), take things out of my bottom cabinet so they can access the wiring. 
They test the wiring. There's a short in the wiring. So they cut it & fix it. Now Ellie can stop her shameless winking! 

And wow, the charge AFTER 3 hours of work was only $50.00! 
Ellie also needs an oil change. I asked about that. They didn't have oil there, but they told me if I got the oil & a new filter, they'd only charge me $10.00 so I need to do that too. Good deal! I'm glad this place was recommended to me! 
But I was a little worried that they'd put a sign on the fence stating "No Motorhomes" after I left...

The guy that worked on Ellie was concerned about leakage after putting the tail light back on. I told him not to worry, I can fix that myself. But when he put the tail light back on, he also sealed it all down with window repair stuff. Black stuff :-(  I did NOT complain to him though as he really was being thoughtful & helpful. I'll see if I can't scrape some of it off with a razor blade to neaten it up.

It's raining today. So that little task will wait. 

Then we go off the the inspection station! I have this look about me. They just KNOW I carry tools. They just KNOW I'm capable of fixing things myself. They just KNOW I'll do it too! 
So instead of just taking my RV like they typically do, he asks me to turn on the lights, the signals, the back up lights, the brake lights, um....Houston, we have a problem. The license plate light does not light up!
So here I go. I get out my little pink tool kit, I take off the light plate. I go back, turn on the lights, it's lit!
But that light cover was really dirty! So I went in to get Q-tips & the guy cleaned it off for me. 
Whew, all's well again & we pass inspection! 
Ellie is good for another year :-)  

BTW, inspections on Motorhomes in Texas are exempt from emission testing, so it only costs $14.50.
Be sure to tell anyone inspecting your motorhome in Texas that they are exempt! I didn't know this until I started using this place:

Pecan Grove Car Wash
1620 FM 359  
Richmond, TX  77406
It's actually a Conoco station as well.   

I meant to fill Ellie's belly with gas on the way back home, but I FORGOT to! 
What the heck is wrong with me??? Geez.

As soon as I got back to the house, I put her rain bonnet back on her. There is a small leak on the overhead cab area. Ellie is going back to Felton's RV Repair next week to get that fixed & for them to repair some other things due to some of the work they did previously failing! 
I hope this is the LAST time! And of course, I'll have to fill her belly before we go because Motorhomes  definitely don't run off of fumes.

Kind of looks like those old fashioned rain bonnets that women used to wear huh? Do they still make those? I could use one today myself!

Tomorrow, my van goes into the shop for a new fuel pump. 
That's gonna be fun as they have to take the fuel tank off. Yay. Not Yay. Really.
She actually needs a new fuel filter, but she's fuel injected, which means the fuel filter is built INSIDE of the fuel pump, so it can't be bought seperately. 
Always something. 

Oh & I forgot about the battery in the smoke detector last night. It chirped around 2am. I got out of bed & pulled the old battery out! Guess I'd better go put a new one in now. 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Well heck... a mammogram, a colonoscopy.... maybe a manicure and pedicure... Ellie has been to the SPA, annual checkup... the works! That little sticker on the windshield will save you a headache down the road.

    1. Haha, yes, the spa! Now my turn next?? Yea, dream on...that little sticker will sav me a headache or I'd get a ticket without it ;-)

  2. So, when do you leave? And where you going? Nice to have at least one type of mobility back. :)

    1. Not going anywhere Linda. In Texas, you have to get a yearly inspection & my time was up! My van will be due in April. Fortunately, it doesn't need all that that the RV did. But I would love to sneak off somewhere...even if just for a few days. Still have to get the generator fixed & the annoying leak taken care of though.

  3. It's always something but you are sounding more chipper and Ellie should be too.

    1. Thanks. Life has been really hectic lately, but the RV needed the attention from everything else. Maybe it was a distraction for me too?

  4. Whew.....what a day! I know Ellie feels better. Hope your ankle does too!

    1. Thanks. Ellie feels lots better, she likes her new shoes ;)

  5. I don't think I have a light for my license plate, is this required in Texas? I just got my new inspection sticker and no one mentioned it.

    1. It's probably there Teri. Yes, Texas requires it, I just looked it up to be sure. Here is what I found:

      How many license plates am I required to display?
      State law requires that you display two (2) license plates, one to the front and one to the rear. Placement or mounting of license plates is not defined.

      *This guidance is referenced in TXDOT's requirements to properly display the registration certificate. DPS does not inspect the license plate itself, but instead inspects the license plate lamp.

  6. We don't have any required inspections here in Eugene. I think Portland may have an emissions test requirement. Sounds like a lot of work but you seemed to have found a reasonable shop to do the work. Glad you got new tires - don't want to mess with that.

    1. I actually don't think state inspections are a bad idea. When I was in Pa this summer, their inspections are way more strict than Texas is though. No windshield cracks, minimum rust, etc. Their vehicles rust due to the road salts. Therapy is perfect though - she'd pass in a heartbeat! :-)


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