Friday, January 25, 2013

Good deal on 30amp cord! And more things

Hi, hope all is well with everyone!

Welcome to Gay & Joe  of Good times Rollin! They just finished their first year as fulltimers, I'm so glad they are joined up with my blog now. They have 4 canine companions, so how could I miss that! 

And welcome to w6pea! I don't have any blog url for you, so if you have one, please share. That's some cute little doggie on your profile! 

Now onto business...Camping World has 30amp 25' extension cords on sale through the 27th of this month! 

I rushed over & bought one. I'm not too far from a CW, so it was a real treat to save $$ & be able to drive over to fetch one.

Sale price $22.99  - regular price $49something. So that's a nice savings! And they made a mistake. 

Instead of placing their sale items where you'd have to browse the store, they placed them at the front of the store! 

Therefore, they saved me more $$$ because I didn't browse the store for temptations! 

CW to me is like an RV candy store. Hard to resist some things. 

Whew! Thanks CW! 

I love gizmos. 

I love gadgets. 

I found this neat little gadget at Big Lots. 

No, I don't have a tablet. I don't have an ipad. I don't have any of those things....


What I do have is a cool smartphone that I have added apps on that are cool apps! 

I have two different movie apps, so I can now set my phone on the stand on the back of my sofa & watch movies or some tv shows on it. 

What a geek I can be  ;-) 

So I finished my 30 days of the Chronic Pain Program. 

We're still waiting for approval on further tests. 

And I'm now using a cane. I hope this is VERY temporary!!! Actually, they haven't approved the issue of a cane yet either, so I'm using my trekking pole as one. It really does help. I'm amazed how much it helps, but again, I hope it's just temporary! 

I'll finish this post with some purdy pics. I keep shooting purdy pics, but never seem to actually sit down to get them into the computer. A lot of my posts lately have been posted via cell phone. 

So here are the pretties! 

The two photos above are from the same sunrise from 1-11-13. As the sun rose, the rays reached out through the skies. It was simply beautiful!

Last nights sunset below:
I tried to zoom in on the hawk, but of course, could only get a black silhouette. So then when it flew off, I tried to catch it with my lens, but it flew too quickly. But I love the pink cover over the clouds in the distance. They look like mountains! It's pretty flat here, so I just pretend they are mountains. 

Take care everyone! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Hope you get the approval to get on with the program. Love your sunrise photos... all we have on the top of our power poles are vultures... consider yourself lucky ;-)

    1. Haha, you made me laugh. Oh yes, vultures. We sat so long one day at a tire shop, the vultures were circling overhead! I made the comment that maybe we'd been there too long...

  2. Beautiful sunrise shots. I hope your program works out for you.

    1. Thanks. I'm done with the program, now we're waiting for approval for more tests to see if I'll have to go back to surgery again.

  3. I thought that they were mountains, would not have known the difference if you hadn't said so. The sunrise is just gorgeous! Such vibrant colors.

    1. Tammy, if I look at it long enough, the mountains seem to grow too. Ha, it's flat as a pancake in Southeast Texas!

  4. Love your sunsets! I'll be waiting to hear about your further prognosis... hopefully it will be good!

    AND, thanks for the tip on the 25' electric cords at CW!! (WE just found my brother and s-i-l an RV Yeah!!!!!! Delivery tomorrow!!) He will need a cord :-D

    1. Oh WHAT DID THEY GET!!!???? Note how I always get excited when someone else gets a new RV like they are going to hand it over to me or something?? haha

  5. That's a very handy purchase! I hope you are getting better every day. I love how you don't get discouraged - what a great attitude you have.

    1. I do get discouraged Kim, but there's really not much I can do about it, except go on. Then I remember a friend that lost his foot, so I'm grateful that it's not That bad!

  6. We love CW too. We often fill up the buggy, walk around some more and put a few things back. We did get a shoe rack that hangs over the bed. Do you have one? We haven't put it up.....hope we like it!

    Theres nothing like a beautiful sunrise to get the day going!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Have a great day!

    1. I've heard that those that use those bed shoe rack things really like them. I don't have a real bed, I sleep in the overhead cab in a ClassC.
      You're welcome, I'm glad to have you along! :-)


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