Sunday, January 13, 2013

The signs are there...

You know you might live in an RV if: 

1. When in a house, you look for the control panel to turn off things that aren't in use at the time. (such as water pump, water heater, etc)

2. When in a house, using the bathroom, you automatically look for a trash can for your used TP & your mind goes to "gotta fill the toilet with more water for flushing". 

3. When in a house, washing dishes, you try to do them as you do in an RV. Fill the sink with a small amount of soap & water, wash each dish at a time, rinsing each dish at a time in order to fill the sink with more water for the bigger items. 

4. When entering a house, you try to pull the front door out towards you like your RV entry door. 

5. When in a house, you try to wash your hands as you do in your RV. Turn water on, get hands wet. Turn water off, soap up hands. Turn water back on to quickly rinse hands. 

6. When in a house, you wonder where your cockpit seats are? (applies to motorized RV's).

7. When in a house taking a shower, you still try it military style.

8. When in a house, you think "oh, I have to turn off the a/c before I can use the microwave"...well, some houses are actually like that. ;-) 

9. When in a house, you don't know if the television is located in a dining room cabinet or a living room cabinet? Turns out, neither places...they are in normal house places.

10: When in a house, you try to to light a stove that already has it's own pilot light or worse yet, electric by trying to find the pilot with a flame starter. 

11. When in a house, you try to jack knife a solid standing sofa. 

Feel free to add more -- this is kinda fun  ;-)

No one can say living in an RV is wasteful!!! Cept maybe at the gas tank....ouch.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. After using the toilet you are looking for the foot pedal in order to flush.

  2. Oh fancy! My toitey doesn't have a foot pedal.

  3. When in a house you look for the Reflectix to put in the windows at night.

    1. Oh yes, reflectix! I never did make new curtains for my overhead after the rebuild. I kind of like the reflectix better. It really does help! Actually, I did try to convince my friend to put it in the kennel windows to keep the kennel warmer, but she would not do it.

  4. LOL, too funny! I haven't been in my house since fall and won't be til late spring, so no telling what I will try to do. Probably pack every thing into a tiny space and the rest of the house will be bare :)

    1. As long as you don't try to drive the house ;-)

  5. I was going to say stepping on the lever to flush the toilet too. You described it all very well. The dish washing was funny...we do the exact same way. Just think if we did that at home, how much we would conserve :)

  6. We don't have any slide-outs in our rig. I usually sit with my legs crossed,so when Bill walks past me to sit in his chair, I have to uncross my legs so there's room for him to get past. I find myself uncrossing my legs in doctor's offices, or wherever we are when someone starts to walk past where I'm sitting... even if there's tons of room. If I lived in a house it would probably take me months to undo this habit.

  7. When you get the big vaccum out at home, knowing you could have got away with the small broom and dustpan!

  8. Those are cute. Yep the pedal thing I have that in the travel trailer. Looking for the monitor that tells you if the tanks need to be emptied.

  9. Wasteful at the gas pump? Nah - my house gets 8.5 mpg, much better than sticks and bricks houses get.


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