Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty! 

OK, so I've not been doing much lately. But I did finally manage some OK pics with my cell phone of my kitties when I was tending to them. That counts for doing something huh? The cell phone really doesn't take great pics, but the times I've taken my real camera in there, they don't seem to pose for it! So I guess they like sucky pics?

I'm back in therapy again, so my time has been wrapped up in that & the chores around here. 

Wish the weather would behave. 

I wait all year for good weather in hopes of removing the faded decals off my rig & it just doesn't seem to happen! 

So anyhow, back to my kitties. They live in a climate controlled building here instead of my small RV. When I travel, then they get moved into the RV, but when stationery, they are in the building.

I'm doing a little back & forth on the computer to the cell phone. The pics are in my phone & I'm too lazy tonight to upload to the computer, edit & all that hullabaloo, so I'm going to create this blog using both forums! :-p

Soooo, here are my kitties:

Buster- AKA : Puppy Cat


When I had to leave my house & move into my motorhome, everyone tried to force me to give these precious babies up. I refused to break up my little family! They actually like traveling with me when we get to travel. Funny how others want to persuade us how to live our lives isn't it?

Woohoo, I finally got this published! The cell phone & computer weren't very happy that I was cheating between them to make this post. Ha! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~  


  1. Just like Frank Sinatra said you need to do it your way.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Carolyn!I've got to get caught up on your blog.

  3. That is funny isn't it? Like others know what will make us happy...right!
    I'm glad you kept them they are just adorable. And such unique names I love that. They give you more love and devotion than most humans can give so why wouldn't you want them. Hope therapy is helping you.

    1. I've had people think that since I show dogs, it's just a phase & I'll get rid of them some day! I hate that kind of thinking. Get rid of? Like they are just disposable? I don't think so!
      And yes, others constantly tell us how to live our lives...
      They think the RV thing is a passing phase too? Or they feel sorry for me. I choose to live like this! But they think I'm homeless..I swear. :::sigh::: My box is just a little fancier than a cardboard one I guess?

    2. Cyn, some people just can't be jealous without showing it!!! They are just jealous of your freedom and all the loving fur babies.

  4. I could never understand people who think pets are disposable. To me they are part of my family and I made a deal to have them for life. My 2 cats who hate each other get along pretty well in my van. Go figure. Pretty kitties you have.


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