Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beautiful Day

It's been a beautiful day here today.

I could not stand it, I just had to take my bike for a ride!

So off for an evening ride I went.

Saw the cutest thing ever. 2 adults and 1 little girl on horseback. Adults on big horses, child on a small white pony. Adorable!! Could not get a pic though. Darn.

Then I rode past the pony farm, they have parties on the weekends. Lots of folks playing on the little puttputt range, playing with the ponies and mini donkeys.

Then I rode past a house, they were flying kites.

Then I  spotted this beautiful sunset:

OK, going to close this post now. The phone and Blogger are having an issue.

I hope ya'll are also having a beautiful day! 


  1. What a great day! Glad the weather is nice and you are out and about!

  2. It's been gorgeous the past few days! Spring fever is setting in!

  3. Nice pictures! We had a downpour in tucson! Glad you are able to enjoy that pretty bike since you got it painted up so nice n fancy!!

    1. Yes, it was nice to get out & ride it. I push mostly with my left leg (the good leg) so I work the right leg less. It does get painful, but the distractions help :)
      Sorry about the downpour...that sucks.

  4. At least you had a great day. We had to change our plans and head back home because of the rain too. But we made the best of it all.

  5. Nothing cuter than kids on horse back. Out West they start them sooo young. It is adorable!

  6. It's so good to read your post today. Well, a few days ago actually. You've had some rough times of late and it's good to hear you're shaking those winter blues.


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