Monday, May 27, 2013

RV maintenance list

I'm making my RV check list on things that need to be done maintenance wise. 

As you know, owning an RV also means maintaining it. If you don't, you can shorten it's life & the life of equipment as well. 

Plus I want everything in good working order! 

I'll admit to watching a lot of YouTube RV videos. But they are quite handy in learning how to maintain, repair or fix things. They are also fun on my down time to watch for camping & such. 

So on my check list so far that I've put in notes on my phone are:

* Check water heater anode & clean out out that space with water. 

* Check the water level in my coach battery - might as well check the engine battery too. I get too lax about not checking those. 

* Check my outdoor fridge compartment to be sure it's nice & clean. Also when doing this, always look for yellow stuff. Which I hope I'd not have since my fridge is only about 2 years old!!

* Clean the exterior heater compartment. Although I really don't use my RV's heating system, it's still a good idea to check & clean it once a year. Mud daubers are my worst enemy! They will get in everywhere. I even found a good sized nest when I changed out a front turning signal light! And they eat through my plastic strips that are around my exterior compartments & entry door . At first, I thought someone had poked a finger through, then realized it was mud daubers when I saw them at work! 

* Install my GenTuri, which I've not really messed around with yet. Would be a good idea to install it, test it & run my genny for awhile anyhow. It's time to run my monthly generator exercise.

* Reseal my roof again with Dicor. I do that yearly & have not done it yet this season. It's not dire that I do this right now, but will want to before it gets too deadly hot outside. Working on the roof in the Texas heat isn't very desirable. 

* Eternabond the section of the overhead rebuild on the roofline. Although they caulked it & all, I'd still feel better with that extra bit of protection. 

* Fix some of my outdoor bay doors. Some of the latches have fallen apart, so need to do that before any big trips as well.

* Buy another spare tire cover. The weather ate my last one, it just crumbled in pieces - I use the vinyl covers, so they don't last all that long with the weather elements. I think I get about 2 years out of them, but looking at an ugly spare tire isn't desirable to me. 

* Lubricate my TV antenna - this helps in rolling it up & down effectively. 

* Wash & wax the exterior. Even if this means one section at a time, which is how I'll do it when I'm able to do this again. 

* Pull out & clean the awning fabric. 

Any suggestions on what ya'll would check on? 

What does everyone do to their RV's to keep them in shape? 

I'd love feedback! Plus it might help if I've over looked something.

Checking the tires & such, I do that before I pull out of the driveway any time Ellie gets to leave the driveway. So that step I'll skip. IF I were to sit a few months without moving, then yes, I'd check the psi. 
And to note, I LOVE my extensions!! They make it possible for me to check my air pressure & keep up with it! 

 Thanks for stopping by!! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~ 


  1. Oh, oops. I used an older photo of the RV after it was washed & waxed. I did not notice the tape over the window till I checked the finished post! Ah well, that window is ok. It wasn't draining properly until I cleaned the track out, but that was last year or so. Maybe longer ago?

  2. A tip for mud daubers that some one gave me and I'll pass it on for what it's worth. Buy a medium sized dog collar and cut it in half. Put one half in the water heater compartment and one half in the furnace compartment. Change yearly. I've been doing this for 5 years without a hint of a nest.

    1. Do you mean as in flea collar? Sounds like a great idea! I've even cleared dauber nests from under my a/c shroud.

  3. I'd add take off A/C covers and clean them plus just a check of the A/C unit and a cleaning. One site recommended pressurized air to blow out dust, etc. from the unit. Since I don't have access to an air pump I'm wondering about those canisters of pressurized air one uses to clean a computer keyboard . . . if they would work! Oh, and also check the window weep holes to make sure they are free and clear. :)

    1. Ah yes, thank you. I try to do that twice a year. I blow mine out with my little shop vac. But I probably would have forgotten since I can't use the roof air right now. So again, thanks! It is amazing how much dust I blow out too when I do that.

  4. I thought my list was long, wow!


    1. Oh, I thought you'd add to mine! haha

  5. You list is not as long as my 'sticks and bricks' list .... lol

    Back to blogging again and the itch is back...just wish I would make a decision and do it!!!

    my domain name to the blog changed to this:

    1. Oh, I am soooo glad you are back!!! I was wondering what happened to you. Welcome back & I'll go to your new blog now!

  6. I think it should be a rule of thumb among RV owners to perform regularly scheduled maintenance checks every so often. Maintenance is a must for RVs since wear and tear is inevitable due to everyday use. Going the extra mile and checking every nook and cranny will go a long way in ensuring that your next trip will be smooth and hassle free. Good call on cleaning the exterior heater compartment! You never know when you'll need a good, functional heater!

    Howard Chadwick @ Chadwick RV Doctor

  7. People owning or renting RV's should have this kind of checklist. Taking note of everything that needs to be done is a great way to start practicing safety and convenience on the road, until it becomes a routine activity before traveling to your next destination. Living in a RV is about having fun and adventure, so avoid hassles by doing proper maintenance. Happy travels!

    Liza Pilon @Prairie City RV Center


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