Sunday, May 12, 2013

College Graduation And Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom's out there! Even if you're a mom to pets like I am! I used Betty Boop because my Mom's name is Betty & she likes Betty Boop stuff. Happy Mothers Day Mom! 
{{Wish I were with you today - Love you!}}


No, not me. I'm not graduating from college. ;-)

I went to a graduation yesterday for a daughter of friends. 

Sam Houston University in Huntsville, TX. 

It was a gorgeous day, nice, sunny & bright. And cool temps, so that was nice. 

Of course, the commencement was held indoors at an arena. 

Seating got a little crazy. As you can imagine, some of us saved seats for incoming family. Some folks didn't like the seat saving thing, but we were there over an hour early as family members & friends arrived. We didn't have any issues, but when it came close to time, they announced that if folks that were saving seats for others, it was no longer possible to do so. Fortunately, all our friends & family showed up. But there were some hot heads in some areas for a little while over this. Before it all got started, the kids that worked the stands got it all under control & all settled back in.

I found this small camera in this huge boom a bit doesn't take much to fascinate me I guess...

This part was cool. Some of the kids decorated their hats. I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but from where I was sitting, this was the best I could get:

 Congratulations to my friends daughter for her big graduation event! And I wish her a great future with her college degree. Her major was agriculture. I think she can have a very rewarding future. 

On Friday, I went shopping for a purple top to wear. They were having a memorial get together for my friend Val that passed away on Saturday. She lived in New Mexico, so of course, some of us could not make it to that event. In honor of Val & in honor of her favorite color purple, those of us that could not make it wore purple. And bought purple candles to burn for her. I hope she's in a better place now, with her son that they lost when he was a little boy to leukemia. Life can sure offer it's amount of sadness, but all in all, it also offers up beauty & happiness. One just has to look around & appreciate what life & nature has to offer us. 

RVSue took this photo a few days ago. I asked her if I could add it to Val's facebook page & she gave me permission to do so. She was perplexed over the purple mountain behind the awesome zig-zag mountain that she was able to capture. I told her it was my friend Val smiling down, so I'm going to post it here as well. 
What a great photo & what great meaning it held for us that are missing Val at this time. Thank you so very much Sue! I will only use your photo twice, once on Val's facebook page & once here so everyone can see it's beauty. 

 How appropriate, a purple mountain at The Valley of The Gods! Simply splendid! Val will always live in our hearts...

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend but what a nice memorial.

    I visited a museum today and was asked if I was a Mom. Stupid me, I was honest and said no. Turns out that Moms got in free today. An $8 mistake. I asked if 4-legged children count and they said no. Too bad!

  2. What a special remembrance.

  3. That was some huge graduation ceremony!

  4. Never saw graduation caps like those. Verrrry interesting.

  5. First of all beautiful mountain photo. A great tribute.
    At our daughter's graduation you should of seen some of the RN hats. Many had them decorated up so heavily they could hardly keep them on their heads. I never heard of that when I was in school. But wait that was barely when we wore hats :)))

  6. Both my kids are college grads, San Diego State and Sacramento State. They had huge ceremonies like that. Your post brought back wonderful memories. I didn't graduate from college, and that was the one thing I expected from my kids. Even if they didn't use them in their careers, that piece of paper opens doors. Congrats to your friends' daughter!


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