Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Cell Phone Pix

Cheese, mushroom, onion, bell pepper omelet with turkey bacon. 

Little steaks with veggies. Plate is a little small huh?

Bar stools.

Temporary ladies room. Sam Houston University.

Proud yearling peacock.

Old Imperial Sugar building. Sugarland, Texas

Local color


PINK  greyhound

Dollys Bed

Sara's Bed...note her carrot tail.
I fit, I really do fit. I don't have a bigger fluffy dog to lay on.


Scare-Luki 2

Dolly Face

Sara Face

My face


  1. I hope the surgery goes well this time.
    It will be good to get that a/c working before so you can at least be cool
    Puppy pictures are cute.

    1. Thanks Jo. The roof a/c actually works fine. In fact, it will freeze you out. Problem is, the electrical power supply here can't support it, so I had to resort to the portable a/c instead.

  2. Yummy food! In the desert this winter, my rv got up to 90* before i would turn on the a/c... but then that was low humidity. The humidity makes all the difference. I am sure yours is much higher. How soon for your surgery?

  3. The picture of your face made me laugh. I even hauled my computer over to Dave to share it with him. :)

  4. Those are the kind of spiders I like :O) Speedy healing...and hopeful that air blasts you under the heavy covers!

  5. lol ... fun pictures ... As with everyone else ! Hope this surgery fixed it for good


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