Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Over due thank you & new welcome

 Thank you!

First of all, I'm a bit over due on a big Thank You to Randy & Pam Warner

They sent me a cool little tripod for my little camera. Making videos with this camera will be easier now -- so thanks! I did a video the day after I got it, but the video didn't turn out very well. No fault of the tripod, more operator error.


Welcome to Nan & John! I'm pretty sure ya'll have a blog, right? It's not showing up otherwise. 

  I've kind of disappeared for awhile here. 

I've fallen behind on my blog reading & such. 

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. 

Nothing new on my end. My surgery was approved, but um, no one told us, so now an extension has to be filed. Go figure! 

Portable Air Conditioning:

I've set up my portable a/c. There's pros & cons about it. 

Cons: It's not nearly as cool (COLD) as my roof air is. My roof air runs so cold that you find yourself running outside in 100 degree heat to warm back up! The portable is keeping it around the low 80's during the hottest point of the day, so I also have been using fans. 
I've discovered heat escaping into the rig from it though, so I have to do some more modifying to the vent hose on it. And it drains like mad. In fact, I'd better go check it right now. Dang, it did overflow. I keep the overflow container at the step in area on the passenger side, but I sometimes forget to check it, so it'll run over. Nothing can really get ruined there, but I still don't want it to overflow. 

I duct taped reflectix over the exhaust hose, grrrr, the tape has let go, so the reflectix is falling off. Last year, I tied yarn around the reflectix, so I guess I'll do that again. 

It takes up space. I have to place it on a step stool between my front seats.

It's really not pretty, especially looking at a big fat hose & a modified mount placed on the drivers side window. 

I have to turn my RV into a dark cave, which I don't like. Heat comes in through the door, so I have a curtain over it. All roof vents are covered with reflectix. I keep reflectix on my over head bed windows too, but I haven't made any curtains for that area yet. And I have to remember to close the curtains on the overhead bed area or that becomes a hot spot that heats up the RV. 

Pros: It allows me to at least stay in the RV at a tolerable temperature. 

It takes less power to use.

It's a temporary fix to a badly needed solution. 


I hope all is well with everyone. I'm planning on trying to catch up on my blog reading. 

After I fix the exhaust hose again. 

This is going to be one long hot summer as I'll have several weeks of therapy & such after my surgery. 

Ugh. But life could be way worse! I hear cardboard boxes aren't really the ideal home. ;-)


  1. Cyberhugs coming your way...and wishes for temps on the cooler side !

    1. Thanks. Those cooler temps won't be around for several months now. But I found a heat spot & fixed it. It's better now!

  2. Speaking of over-due thank yous, I need to thank you for your video on the glazing beads. We purchased a 2000 Cedar Creek 5th wheel last October and have been working on it ever since! I watched your video several times and read your blogpost a few times also(slow learner). The glazing beads on our 5th wheel are white,but were so dirty with road grunge, they were literally black in some areas. The only thing I could find that would clean them was Goo Gone,Professional Strength. I followed your instructions and they now look great. Thank you again for your video and clear instructions. They really helped me.

    Glenda/Wylie TX

    1. Thank you Glenda! I'm glad it helped! I need to take out one of the windows & reseal around it with rubber butyl. But that's how it is with an older RV. Thanks on the Goo Gone Pro. I didn't know about that, I'll have to get some.

  3. So glad you got the approval, but sad that you couldn't get it done sooner to get someplace cooler for the summer. I managed on the two 90 degree days we had while I was traveling, but wouldn't want to try it for any longer than that and it probably will get a lot higher than that before you are able to escape. Hope the ac keeps working for you.

    1. Thanks Jenny. It's so much hotter in the van in those temps. My van is hotter than the RV. I could not imagine...but the a/c is working well now. :). Things happen for a reason, I'll get that surgery soon enough.

  4. Does the house have A/C? Hate to have to stay inside there but better than cooking yourself.

    1. It's better now Linda. I found a hot spot & fixed it. I've moved my old dogs back into the RV with me. I want to be with them more instead of them being in a kennel.


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