Monday, December 30, 2013

Port Aransas

I'm sorry, I've not been updating my blog again! 

I arrived in Port Aransas on Saturday. 

I decided against boondocking on the beach & now I'm glad I didn't do that. 


I had this image of my dogs bringing in enough sand to build sand dunes & sand castles!

And I'm not fond of thinking of running my generator on the beach, on top of sand, thus getting even more salty sand in the RV's generator as well as in the engine & everywhere else. I know the damaging effects of it. 

Sooo, I opted to go to the RV park here instead. IB Magee RV park, which is county owned & ran. 

I chose to park in the grassy section. They have a concrete section & grassy section. 

I chose grass to walk my dogs on. 

Pulled in, got set up, put out & staked down my outdoor mat. Was so excited to walk the dogs behind my rig. I had SPACE, LOTS OF SPACE! 


B-u-t....I did not count on the sticker burrs!

Oh my poor dogs! The first one I walked there, was covered in the nasty spiny thorny things. As was his leash, then my hands, my pants, my socks, my shoes! OK, this was not good. So I went inside, grabbed my slicker brush & proceeded to brush them off my poor guys. I got thorns stuck under my skin on my hands now & they hurt! 

So I'm learning where I can walk the dogs to minimize the problem, but they are still there. Just not as bad. I'm stil talking the stickers, the dogs will always still be there with me ;-) 

And I keep my slicker brush outside on the picnic table where I can grab it & use it before I bring them back in to brush their feet off - just in case. Maybe sand castles would have been better?

Except today. It rained, it's cold. The winds kicked up big time last night. Really strong winds. I had to get out of bed & roll my antenna back down as it was really getting beaten up. Then my front window bonnet opened up as it has screen panels on it. So I had to fix that as it was banging on the side of my RV. We also got a wind storm like this when I was in Corpus Christi, but I was surrounded by bigger rigs & didn't get the effects of that wind at all. They told me I was cheating at that park. ha! 

So anyhow, boondocking on the beach in these conditions really doesn't appeal to me at all. It's supposed to rain the next two days, then clear up on Thursday. That can't come soon enough! 

Yesterday was nice though, although cold, still nice. People were out on the beach. People were out fishing everywhere too. I rode my bike around with my cameras & took pics. Haven't uploaded them yet though. 

Got a Dolphin on Video too! So cool! And some pelicans begging the fishermen for their catches. And something really cute. Some boys were playing with a remote control car, racing it on the beach & creating their own dunes for it to race over. The effects of watching it kick up sand & race over their dunes was just too cute! So hopefully, tomorrow, I'll get those pics in & edit them. 

Anyhow, that's my update on Port Aransas to now. I'll see if I can put some pics here via cell phone. 

I have met two wonderful people here & we're going out to lunch with some other people tomorrow. I'll unhook the RV & meet them there. I need to find a grocery store & get some groceries & dog food. IF they don't have the dog food I feed, which I hope they do, then I'll have to take the ferry to Aransas Pass to HEB or Walmart! I'm going to lock my bike down (must remember that I have it sitting on the ground right now, locked to my ladder or I'll be literally towing it along). Anyhow, I'll lock it down to the picnic table & leave my matt with a NO VACANCY sign so no one will try to park in my space! Although no one should because you have to pay & mine is paid through Friday night....but I don't totally trust people not to try anyhow. 

Take care everyone - hope all is well with ya'll! 


  1. yeah ... been reading about the doings on FB ... that's the part of the beach I don't like ... sand... lol ... remember when Homer got stuck there!

    glad you're out and about and got pictures of dolphins! yay! ... you walk along Robert's Pier yet? that's where I almost fall in ... they come right up to ya... love it!

    I ate at most of the restaurants there but blast if I can remember the names ... except San Juan ... and Coffee Waves for my nightly cappuccino after walking with m'dolphins. found the post where we ate at the WGS GTG with a picture but I didn't list the name. Kelly picked it out an it was goooood! I know that helps.. lol

    hope the weather does clear up .. it's very pretty there

    1. Hi Carolyn, I did not get a photo, but caught one on video. The only one I saw too. I was filming birds & a dolphin took a leap behind one of the birds, so it was cool to get that! I'll have to find out where Robert's Pier is, I don't know Port A. I was hoping to meet Vt Chris & Kelly. I don't know if Kelly is still doing her thing & I heard that Chris left? Yea, I remember you getting stuck in the sand! Wish you were here....

    2. yeah, me too but I've had little g'babies ... the Island is really a circle ... you do have an maps app, right? if you go to the ferry? keep to the right and it will wind to the park there... jeeeeeeez I can't remember names .. dammit ... aw let me find out ... I have a bazillion pictures on my blog of the area ... Allister is the long street and IGA food store is there too .. .dunno if it has your dog food but then as soon as you get off the ferry in Aransas Pass.. there's a HEB ... i loved riding the ferry but then I was in Homer not Ellie.

      everything is about five minutes from each other ... but it is a circle kinda thing and can be confusing as to where you want to come out of the circle ... lol I'd post a picture of my maps app thing if you don't have one... but then I can't post it on your blog...

      I'll post it on the FB GTG page! yeah.,..

    3. Here's a good map ....,+Port+Aransas,+TX&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Jc+Barr+Blvd,+Port+Aransas,+TX+78373&gl=us&ei=2XcOTdbrCsH7lweoqPXODA&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CBYQ8gEwAA

    4. Thanks Carolyn, when I put it in my GPS, it said Walmart was around 18 miles & HEB around 11 I think. So I do hope that IGA has what I need. I can't change dog foods unless I want the rig to smell REALLY BAD because they will get sick! """bashing myself over the head for thinking that Port A would have a WM when I passed the one up in Flour Bluff"""

      I picked up a visitors guide when I checked in, it has a map in it too. Thanks!

    5. Thanks for the map, looked at it on the computer since I didn't want to get up to get a light to look at the paper map. Oh drats, I was hoping Roberts Pier would be close enough to ride my bike to, but it looks like it's a bit of a ride between where IB Magee is to that pier. Yea, driving a motorhome around is a bit different than a car. But I did see that they also have a bus or trolley service, so might check that out too. Glad I picked up this visitors guide, it's full of stuff.

    6. It really isn't far ... you can cut through on your side with your bike ... just stay along the water's edge ... I walked it ... me and old woman! lol ... I walked all over that little ol place. I know your foot might be a problem though but riding your bike should get you there very quickly ... Christ rode hers all over the island too ...

      boogie on over to Cotter from IB and go straight Cotter to the Pier ... you see it on your right on the map? tain't fer OR go Beach to N. Station then left at Cotter ... it looks longer than it is ... but with my walking I zoomed around everywhere ... I spent Thanksgiving at Fisherman's Wharf which is on the way ... but blast if I ca remember the name! great area to explore around there .. .a little ol bitty place ... damnation! CRS ... they're only open certain hours but make the best food! right across from a very popular club ... well? it's all around Fisherman's Wharf ... jeeeez I wanna go.

      I had such a good time there for two winters. If the kids get on the way ... I could leave but the only drawback is I have to get my license changed over and Homer registeed and such ... not until March ... but if I go ... I don't want to HAVE to come back until I want ... and I may not want... ha I dunno BUT remembering all these places ... I just loved walking with my dolphins at Robert's Pier every evening then stopping at Coffee Waves on the way 'home' for WiFi and m'cappuccino ... breakfast at several goofy little places ... going to the beach in the afternoons and saying hey to the waves .... where you are now ... are the waves ... and well on down to the left of you to the markers past the Pier.... I think Homer got stuck at Marker 19? naw ... it was farther on down ~ I think I booned at 19... whatever! ;)

      this is making me wanna go... rats

  2. I hate, absolutely hate those burr things. Thank goodness we don't have a whole lot of them out here in the desert. But we have to look out for cacti. Our girls really don't like sand and we don't like wind. Gee - I don't think we'd be out on the beach either. Glad you met some folks and I'm hoping you find dog food so you don't have to take the ferry.

    1. I put Nu-skin over the areas that the thorns went in. So maybe that will help as one of the spots felt like it was getting infected. Cacti would be bad too! There's lots of that here too, but you have to walk in the dunes to get to it. Yea, your poor girls would not like it here much!

  3. I hate those stickers! What a bother and yes, they do hurt!

    Hope you had a nice lunch with friends!

  4. Those stickers are awful!!! Glad to see you are out and about. Enjoy!

  5. We've gotten into those stickers. Sometimes I can't figure out where they come from, but they sure hurt! We'll be walking and all of a sudden Katie will stop and just look at me. Sometimes with a paw raised if the sticker is in a front foot. I track them inside on the bottom of my shoes.

    Have a Happy New Year - here's to a great 2014! :)

  6. Happy New Year!

    Those sticker can really be painful poor pups but really feel them.
    So Happy your on the move again.

  7. Happy New Year! I hate those stickers too, they always get you in bunches and in dog fur, oy! Have a very safe and fun 2014!



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