Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Ice, yesiree, ice. 


Still. On 12-09-2013

Took myself a little vacation & well, I'm frozen in Dallas, TX! 

Day One of ice


Actually, I came up for a Saluki Specialty & the ice storm hit that very day. 

So strange to go from 79 degrees to freezing sleet the very next day. 

That is not snow, it's icy sleet coverage - It's been hard walking the dogs!  

So we made it to the specialty on Thursday, then could not make it to the shows on Friday. That was the worst day for the icy road conditions, so we stayed home & made soup instead. I came to a friends house in Euless, TX, which is a Dallas suburb, so I have the luxury of being able to plug in & use my little space heater in the motorhome. Which is still under ice. And it's now Monday. 

My hood is definitely frozen shut

Road conditions are getting better, it's supposed to get to 39 tomorrow & 48 on Wednesday. I figure Wednesday will be a good day to make a run for it! 

My entire roof is still under ice, so it would definitely not be safe for any traffic behind me. I'd feel awful if I caused any kind of traffic accident if a big sheet of ice were to fly off into traffic behind me, possibly even killing someone! So I'll stay put & that sheet of ice will be gone by Wednesday. 

As a precaution, I taped plastic over my kitchen & passenger side coach windows. BUT I should have also taped plastic over the big window on the other side too. The weep holes froze up! So I hope no damages were done to that side, so far, it looks ok. But I'm glad I did the passenger side because the awning caused HUGE sheets of ice to form down the walls & over those windows. So they were protected. It looks funky, but I think it's also helping to keep the RV a little warmer too?

Man am I glad I did the plastic thing. Note the vent area over my kitchen window! 

My overhead cab was KOLD though! brrrrr. The nose was covered in ice & I could feel it all the way through! Thank goodness for electric blankets! And 4 other blankets as well. Usually in the middle of the night, I was kicking blankets off, then pulling them back on again. ;-) 

I knew that it was going to be cold, so to be on the safe side, I bought the pink RV antifreeze to pour down my drains & toilet into my gray & black tanks. I did NOT know that there was going to be an ice storm though. Someone said, well, you should have known, it was all over the "Dallas" news. Well, um, all the news I got from my weather app was that it was going to get cold. And well, I don't exactly get Dallas news in Houston. So I'm glad I took that precaution. My water tank & plumbing are safe & ok as they are inside my motorhome & protected with a nice warm space heater. Cabinet doors in the kitchen & bathroom are also open to let that warm air to flow in there to protect plumbing. 

So far, I've been extremely careful. I have to walk my dogs here, so I make sure that I have my ankle brace on each time. And fortunately, the shoes I wear to walk them seem to have pretty decent traction. It was still kind of scary, the landscape here is hilly where I walk, so I make sure to stay on the flat parts. I have this image of the dogs trying to run (& they have because they like this stuff!) & dragging my butt right down to the street just so they can watch "Mom" become a speed bump for oncoming traffic! This mornings challenge was a squirrel. That jumped out of a tree & landed right in front of us, then took off running. The dogs tried the same, but I had a good grip on them & was on a safe surface! Whew! 

And I feel fortunate that we never lost power here as many folks did. Of course, I could run my onboard generator, but I would have ran out of gas too as I am sitting with a half tank of gas instead of a full tank. Gas here is around $3.17 a gallon. I got it for 2.98 along the route here.  (but I blew it, missed a turn off, which added another 75 miles to my trip! grrrr)

So anyhow, that's what I'm up to - how is the weather your way?

More photos below, for even larger images, click on each photo:

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

***And yes, I am still cleaning up after them too!!! 


  1. Ouch, treat yourself to a little away time and that's your reward, not good. Be careful around the frozen stuff.

    1. Yes, go figure huh? Hope I can get out of here tomorrow!

  2. Oh dear! What a terrible time to go north. Have a safe trip back to Houston.

    1. Thanks, Was hoping to do a few side trips on the way back, but since I could not leave when planned, I guess I'll just head back with it all.

  3. Our homes are not made for this weather. Although I can keep the temp in the RV up to 70+ according to the thermostat, the floor of my RV is freezing.. My toes are cold. Brrrrrr.........

  4. Yes Teri, brrrr is right! Darn cold! I'm glad I still have carpeting, it helps some, but my cockpit area stays cold. Blocked it off one year, that didn't work well because it created so much condensation that I got mold! Keep warm as best you can.

  5. I can't even imagine how cold it must be. Sure hope the sun comes out and melts you out of that place. Picturing you being pulled by the fur kids on your butt reminded me. We picked up my BIL at the airport yesterday. A women had brought her Chihuahua to pick up someone. The floor in the terminal was very slick and she thought the dog was walking behind her but he had laid down and she was just pulling him like a pull toy. Cracked me up. We told her about it and she turned around and picked up the poor baby. Be safe.

  6. Oh boy, all that ice looks awful. Hope it melts soon so you can get out of there.

  7. Wow! So glad I am not there. I'm cold but no ice.

  8. Your pictures are pretty to look at, but I am so glad we are not there! Hope it warms up by Wednesday!

    Be safe!

  9. It's just beautiful there, but I can just imagine how you are feeling inside the rig - COLD! It's cold here, too, in Quartzsite - but no rain, no snow, no sleet, and even though it's been below freezing during the night, nothing like what you've got. Whew! I just started putting Relfectix on my three big windows, and that made a huge difference in my interior morning temps. Well - try to stay warm and ON YOUR FEET. Don't slip, don't fall. :)

  10. It's pretty to look at but I sure wouldn't want to be there. As soon as I started to read this I thought of your ankle. Happy all went well. Be safe stay warm.

  11. That was quite a gamble you took there in making that trip with a half-full tank in a gnawing wintry day. It's almost a miracle that you kept your RV up and running, though there are ways to get out of, should the vehicle decides to give up. Take care!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company


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