Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cool Lamp & Hi

Hi everyone, sorry, I seemed to have gone AWOL again!

Not much happening that's exciting right now.

Started therapy, so am glad of that. Will be even happier once it's all done!

But this time around, it's killing my knees.

I guess I'm just plain 'ol  outta shape!

I get 12 sessions, I've already done 4. So that's good. I hope this will be the end of this 3 year ordeal.

I'll just accept the outcome of how I heal & deal with it.

I can still walk, so that's good. Met one of the patients who totally dislocated her entire foot in a bad fall! Man, that's gotta be really bad. She's full of screws & plates & such. She's lucky that she still has her foot. And she can walk. She'll always have a limp, but she's grateful that she got to keep her foot.

It can always be worse.

We went to a resale shop a few days ago. A friend & me.

I spotted this cool lamp sitting outside. She was taking her daughters old clothes there to donate.

The lamp caught my eye & my subconscious.

Then my real conscious spoke to me when we went inside of the store to shop & look around.

It said "hey stupid, go back outside & take another look at that lamp". So I obeyed.

I could not believe I almost passed it up!

I asked for a price, it had just came in & wasn't tagged. They generally don't sell stuff till it's been processed & tagged.  I got lucky & they sold it to me for $20! But I had to walk inside to pay, then walk back outside with the receipt. My friend was "supposed" to be keeping an eye on it! I saw a man walking away with it & I yelled,"I just bought that!"  Of course, he was taking it inside to get a price on it & they told him I bought it, so he handed it over to me. He wanted it too!

My friend was sitting in her van, a/c running, on the cell phone, not watching. Humpf! Of course, I had to razz her over that one! ;-)

I don't really know lamps, but this one really "spoke" to me. It's a brass lamp on a black marble base. I think it's vintage, but I could not find anything like it on the internet.

If anyone knows anything about it, I'd like to know please.

I like it & think it's cool looking. Of course, not for the RV, I'll just put it in storage with some of my other things.

My internet has been sooo spotty lately. I've fallen way behind on blogger. I hope to get caught up. I'll read a few posts tonight till I lose my connection.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. With my vast knowledge of antiques I can tell you you have definitely bought...a lamp. That's about the extent on my knowledge.

    Good luck on the therapy.

  2. Cool lamp. But ya, no idea at to the vintage or whatever. I just see something that looks like I would need to keep it polished.

  3. SCORE! That's what that is! I love it and I would definitely not polish it. I like things with a patina, myself for example.
    Glad you're out and about.

  4. Can't help you on the lamp but the important thing is, you found something that caught your eye and you brought it home. Enjoy.

  5. I agree with bought something you like! So enjoy!

    Glad to hear you are into your therapy.

  6. I love the lamp too. I would've been third in line to buy it.

  7. If that lamp could talk . . . perhaps if you listen closely, it will. Looks like something I'd snap up at a thrift shop, too. Well done!

  8. First glad you therapy is going well and your attitude about the out come in good as well.

    I am no expert either but that looks like a home made lamp. It is very interesting. Hope you get to use it someday and not have to keep it in storage to long. Will be a great conversation piece.

  9. Love the lamp. Do those things that look like wing nuts let you adjust the angle of it? It look like you might be able to point it up like a torch or something. I wouldn't polish it either--that's part of its charm. The cord coming out of the bell-shape and the over-sized lightbulb make me wonder if it was not originally electric. Apparently there's a bunch of us who would like to know if and when you learn anything more about it.


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