Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm being bugged!


This morning after I turned my portable a/c off, I kept hearing a popping sound. Sounded like water dripping. Hmmmm? Where is THAT coming from??

NO ONE in an RV wants to hear dripping water sounds! Never. Not even if it only means it's condensation or rain dropping on the outside of the RV. It is always a concern.

And it's not raining....

But I'm thinking, ok, condensation on the overhead cab, droplets of water hitting the hood. Now that happens all the time after a very humid night.

So I go outside, check & yes, water is dripping on my's not making any noise...hmmmm??

So I turn my attention to my portable A/C. I'm thinking maybe the outlet hose is popping & retracting a little since I shut the A/C off. But it doesn't quite sound like it's coming from there. Although close, very close to there.

Very, very close.

I  can't open my drivers door since the hose is all connected to a panel that I have slid into the window frame so it can vent outside. POP, POP, POP!

What the heck is that???

I do see that a bug has trapped itself between the partially rolled up window & the exhaust panel I made for the hose. But I think nothing of that. Other than I'd prefer NOT to have him as a guest inside of my motorhome!


What is that??

It sounds like water is dripping between the overhead walls.

That isn't possible. The walls are solid.


What is that????!!!!

Do I ignore it & hope it will go away or do I investigate more?


What the HECK is that????


The bug works his way out & INTO my RV!


Popping sound gone!


Now the popping bug is living with me!

Oh goodie....


A few weeks ago, I heard Chirp, Chirp CHIRP!!!

What was that?? Same kind of thing.

I had opened my big window over my sofa.

When I closed it, it started to chirp.

After a little while, I think, Oh, I must have trapped one of those little green barking frogs.

I check.

No frog.


I find it. I had trapped a "spider" in my window track!

Oh, really ick. I don't like spiders. Especially when they are begging for HELP!

Now what to do. I am NOT handling this thing! And it could be a brown recluse, so I'm definitely NOT HANDLING IT!!

But how do I get it out??

My vacuum. My little dirt devil. I even feel it as it sucks into the dirt devil. OH ICK!

Then I put the vacuum in a plastic tub & put it UNDER the RV!

Then a week or so later I put the vacuum in my van!

I've yet to open it to dump it. There's a spider in there ya'know.



  1. You must have very good hearing to hear a spider! I knew they made noise but I thought it might just bae a tall tail.

    1. Yes, I do have good hearing. But spiders aren't something that I want to hear!

  2. OH my gosh you are using a portable AC? I finally moved to a different place and my AC magically fixed itself. I guess that tells me I had bad power at the old spot. I don't know where you found ROOM for a portable AC. Many suggested that to me, but there is just nowhere to put one.

    1. Yes, I have it on a 2 step stool in between my front seats. It takes up the entire cockpit space! But since I'm pretty much stationery, it's not much of an issue. I'd prefer to use my roof air if I could. But the power here is really bad, not strong enough for my roof air. I nearly lost my a/c because of that. So I got a portable that I could plug into a different socket by using a 30amp extension cord. I do not plug it into the RV as I don't want to tax the RV's power. I saw one that was more compact than mine & would probably fit on the floor, but since I have mine, it makes no sense to buy a smaller one that fits better & has better power....drats!

      here's the url on how mine is set up:

      Get a voltmeter. That will tell you if you are in the safe zone on power usage. I keep mine plugged in all the time now. This older house has poor power. I have to turn off the a/c to use the microwave or vacuum in the RV.
      Here is the one I got:

  3. That was a good post, my wife frequently picks up bugs and saves them from me killing them. I hear EVERYTHING so when a bug cricket gets inside or a creature makes noise on the roof it can keep me up all night.


    1. Oh I did think of her! Because you once told me she rescues spiders....yikes! Not me!

  4. One of the downsides of my high-tech hearing aids is they transfer sounds equally to both ears--I cannot turn my head to zero in on a sound! I could do without that "feature".

    1. Yes, it was kind of creepy to discover that the chirping was coming from a spider! I kind of felt sorry for it, but the front part resembled a Brown Recluse & I'm not having any of that!

  5. I had no idea that spiders make noise. Guess if they are trapped they would. That would definitely get on your nerves especially not knowing what it was. We have lots of Black Widows here in the park not messing with them either.

  6. Well, at least it wasn't a water leak!

  7. Hate having bugs in my house, hate bugs outside my house. Hope you got rid of the nasty thing.


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