Sunday, July 14, 2013

Footsey update - warning, goofy post

Wow, I've not posted since July 5th? I think that's the last post date.

I've been trying to read on what little time I've found to read on. (gee, that doesn't make sense. I mean I've been trying to read blogs when I can, which hasn't been much!)

Trying to recoup.

I'm doing a little better today than I've been doing. (gee, that makes more sense huh? Can you tell I'm now proof reading this post?)

Actually did pretty well after the surgery, but then, I had the pain pump. And didn't have to take my pain meds much. The pain pump was GREAT!

They removed that a week later & took off the bandages to the calf section (mooo - calve. Geez ) of my leg & removed the catheter. So I was happy to see that go as that bandage kept trying to fall off & I kept trying to fix it.

My next appointment was to be for last Wednesday. But over last weekend, I had A LOT of pain! It kind of scared me towards my thinking that maybe I was getting an infection. So first thing Monday morning, I called the docs office & they saw me that morning.

The specialist saw me, (the podiatrist) & removed the remaining bandages. The suture site really looked good. He said the stitches were ready to come out. I said I'd look away. He said that's the best thing to do. It hurt! I am not a wuss about pain, especially in public. Although I'll admit that sometimes I do like to treat myself to a little mental cupcake of being a big baby when I'm alone. How silly is that??

So we discussed my footsey. I asked him why I had so much pain & why I had a dead area where I had no feeling. It was the dead area that scared me most. And I asked him how big the cyst was.

There was no cyst. He said he looked everywhere, but could not find a cyst. But what he did find was extensive scar tissue from the previous surgery, inflamed tissue & engorged blood vessels that all worked together to cause the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome to return. How lovely. My body decided to bully me! Bad body, BAD! (if you are dieting,stick that on your fridge, it might help)

The dead area, is a small area at the bottom left corner of my right heel. Got that? Good because I get lost, so you might have to remind me.

Why is it dead?

Why don't I have any feeling there, but the rest of my heel feels like it's been in a meat grinder & set in a salt soak? He said he had to remove part of my nerve, so the dead zone is permanent. OK, it's a small area, I can handle that. But it would have been nice to know the day I left surgery so I'd of known what to expect.

Anyhow, he prescribed prednisone for me. Oh goodie. I've taken that before & didn't do well with it. I became a huge green mean monster like the Incredible Hulk! I wanted to eat the world! But I could not eat or beat the world because I was in the bathroom with a full bladder all the time. Ha! But that time when I was taking it, it was for allergies, so I think the allergies combined with the pred made me really grumpy. Oh & the reason for the pred was to try to help prevent the scar tissue from this surgery building up again. He removed the old suture scar, scar tissue, brains & stuff & gave me a new zipper during the surgery.

Back to the pred - I'm not grumpy this time around. (hear that collective sigh from around the world?)
But I do want to eat everything in the world. Except spinach. If you have spinach, no need to worry. I'll leave that alone. Blech. If you have ice cream, then forget it. I'm going to get into it! Be afraid, be very afraid.

See what a grump his has turned me into? (actually, I'm a loon I think).

So anyhow. The foot is coming along, I can do some walking, some driving, but I have to pace myself. If I do too much through the day, my foot complains more than a gorilla that has lost his banana. More than a squirrel that has lost it's nuts. More than a man that can't find the right tool...more than...well, you get the point. But I've forgotten the point. Where was I?

I have to remain in my Fred Hermann boot for another 2 weeks & I think it also eats everything in the world because it seems to gain weight during the day & by the end of the day, it's VERY heavy!  Fred Hermann? Who in the hell is Fred Hermann? How bout Fred Munster!? OH I give up. I told you they removed my brains didn't I? I'm pretty sure they did. Or they've fallen to my feet & I keep stepping on them.

This post is why I don't do computer updates or programs late at night. ONe night, I found myself dumping system files when I "thought" I was dumping temporary files....oops. And yay, I'm on meds! I think I can do miracles right now. Is there anything I can do for you??

OK, I think I've about loonied myself out of my mind at this point.

And I've loonied up my ugly orthopedic boot too. And all the medical staff. And now all the bloogers that follow me. Bloogers? That doesn't look right. Haha, aren't you glad I'm not drinking too?

Oh hell, I was going to send pics & stuff, but really, I think I've done myself in & I'm askeered ya'll are calling 911 right this very moment. So I'll send pics tomorrow. Maybe. It's time to say Goodnight Gracie & go to bed. Meds are good. Sleeping is good. When I can accomplish that.

Nerve spasms are NOT good. Sheets touching the footsey are NOT good. Having to get up to use the potty several times a night is NOT good. Have you ever had a nerve spasm? They make muscle spasms seem like childs play. OUCH! And I wish someone would turn the electric fence off on my foot at night. The gremlins are messing with my foot when I lay down. So I stay up as late as possible to avoid them. Then I finally have to give in & let them torture my foot with cattle prods & stuff. Till I pass out.

Anyhow, as goofy as this post might be, I'm posting it. I tried to proff it rsead it more, but my eyes keep crossing & I's a fallin asleep. I tooked me meds...can you ell? tell even? yea, goodnight Gracie (I adore Burns & Allen). Oh boy, I still have to drop my airbed off the overhead bed onto the sofa before I can slither down to sleep. Or maybe I should just slither down to the floor & call it a night! But I'd hurt in the I'm rambling.

Sorry, I'll post some loverly pics tomorrow. Spent several hours today working on the netbook, but taht's another post all of is[s one. own. I need to qite. quit. Nytol. Sleep well.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  ::plop::  - ouch thefloor. Aren't ya'll glad I'm not drinking? I am glad I'm not drinking! :-p

It's like Saturday Night Live in my head!


Sadly, I fell asleep before I hit publish. I woke up wondering how I was going to put this in the mailbox tonight! I am one sick puppy! I really should NOT publish this!! Really. someone stop me...


  1. Oh my! I do so hope all the pain and suffering ends with your foot problems being all fixed up and healed once and for all (I tried to find one more place to put an "all" but just couldn't find a spot). I am so glad you posted as I have been wondering how you were doing. Hang in there and please keep us posted as your foot gets all healed (found another spot for an "all"). Keep thinking positive thoughts!!!!!

  2. You'd have thought the doctor would have told you what the after effects could be.... sorry you had to find out the hard way. Hope you continue to heal... Bill's still in his boot (broken ankle)... you two could be great dance partners right now ;-)

    1. Since I've been through this before (2011 in fact), I pretty much knew what to expect...or so I thought. I didn't expect to have a half dead heel though. Yes, we can dance!! I'll do a post of my blinged up boot, he can challenge me! That could be fun!

  3. dayum girl... I mean I've been up with you a few times on the list with yer meds doing their thing ... but this one takes the cake...

    interesting to see our words after the effect has worn off... booze or meds.. I think it's cool you wrote what was on your mind on your very own blog .. so you can look back and when you're all healed and stuff to see what you went through ... to get there and with a sense of humor ... I've done that on paper before m'blog ... just sat down and had to write or my mind was going to just float away ...

    I've gone back and read some of that and .. marvel MARVEL at my sense of survival... and truly that's what it is... otherwise you'd just lie in bed moaning and groaning and scaring your animals.

    1. It's probably not a good idea to try to keep blogging after taking a sleeping pill & pain pill. I kept waking up, adding more, falling asleep, waking up, adding more....oh well! And now that I'm awake & aware, it's HERMAN MUNSTER!! haha! (I think?)

  4. I do hope you are pain free soon and healed! I agree with Carolyn...I probablly would not have been able to think much less type under those conditions.

    Here's to a great Sunday! And week.....

    1. Thanks! Today is better. I took Ellie for a small road the dump station. She feels MUCH better now too! Her feet were starting to hurt from sitting so much...

  5. Now that was interesting, I gather from all that progress is being mad. Now I'm going to reread it and try to discern in what direction. Hope you get gooder soon.

  6. Gracious sakes alive. Maybe you do need a drink. ;)

  7. Holy Frijole! You've been through the ringer!
    Hope this is the light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

    1. Do I have to walk the tunnel? Now I'm worried...

  8. Everyone should post when they are on meds once in a while. Then we could all laugh at ourselves. Hopethe pain lessens a little each day.

    1. Thanks Merikay. I think Craig should have done a post from the ER! Ouch. How's he feeling today?

  9. Holy Cow! You sound like you are really flying - don't overmedicate...

    I think it's so strange when we wake up from surgery and after a while we're at home, and have no idea what they did. When I had my intestional surgery in January 2012, it wasn't until I went in for a 3-week check up with the surgeon that he told me that he also took out my appendix while he was in there. I was in the hospital 6 days, and no one told me that???

    I guess it doesn't matter if you had a cyst or not, as long as he took care of the problems you were having. I sure hope you heal up and feel better really soon. :)

    1. WOW, that's way worse to find out they took your appendix out & didn't tell you!!! I can't believe it! Dang.

      It really wasn't that I was over medicated, I was just being silly & way too tired to my stubborn side kept going each time I woke up with the netbook still in my lap! I should have hit publish much, much sooner!

  10. Well at least you know why a part of your foot is numb. And you are healing if you would just stay off it as recommended.

    1. Hi Jo, I'm supposed to use the foot, walk, drive, etc. But I know my limits, so I know when to stop. I'm still using the boot till he says I can be free of it. I can do a tiny amount of walking around the RV or house now in a specific pair of shoes, but only small trips like to the kitchen or bathroom.


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