Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wasted but some good news!

I am wasted.

Got up this morning after about 4 hours of sleep.

I's tired. I's real tired.

But I have some fun news! I am going on a road trip. FINALLY, a real road trip! Yipeeeeeeeeeee Yay Yo!! Me. All by myselfs with my doggies & kitties. Yay!

Talked to the docs office yesterday. I'm still pending. I'm like a file in the government file cabinet. They put me there. To forget about for 30 days at a time. The docs office staff pokes them. Wakes them up. They yawn & go back to sleep. Leaving me pending in that file. Oh fun. So, I told my doctors office I've not been anywhere in ages. I'm going nuts here. Sitting in the same old driveway day after day. Taking care of other people & their animals. Along with mine of course, but for awhile, I just want life to be for me & my little 4 legged kiddos.

I feel like this right now....

So? What did I do?

I entered the Saluki Nationals! That's a big fat specialty specifically for Salukis. I've even won it before!
That was fun. So it's in Missouri. I'm giving myself a week to get there. Normally, I'd be there in 2.5 days, but with the foot, I'm taking it easy along the way. Plan to enjoy some state parks & mentally detoxing. Will do the same on the return trip as well. Pooey on everything else for now! I'll get to Pa eventually, but can't go that far till all this medical mess is over.

I plan on leaving on the 25th, which will be here before I know it. I have a lot to do. Still have to find a place to do a tune up on Ellie & do something about her starter too. She likes to tease me now, by not starting, not starting, not starting, then she starts! But I have fears that she won't want to wake up while I'm traveling. That would not be a good thing.
Today, I was cleaning out my van, then decided to run over the the optomitrist to get new eyeballs. I'm glad I got that over. What's with procrastination anyhow? I'm really bad good at that. I still need to find a place with climate controlled storage too so I can get all my stuff out of my van & into there instead. I'll feel better about that.

Soooo soon, I will be like this again!

This is a typical dog show set up. At the nationals though, we are there for a week, so we prepare with more stuff to keep the dogs comfortable. This photo was just for a 2 day show.

 I can't wait!
Too bad I'll have to turn around & return back here though. But I have to still follow protocol. Geez, I'm so tired, I fell asleep while posting this. I think I need a little nap. Later ya'll! Hope your day is going well.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. You need to get out and have fun, wait, can we come with? Pwetty pwease? :)

    Have fun!


  2. Wonderful! Hope your dogs win some of the events. But more than that, I hope you enjoy the trip!

  3. Just getting on the road will be a big plus, especially after this long recovery period. Happy trails.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful trip. I think it will do you a world of good.

  5. Any time you can move those wheels is a good time. I can hardly wait for our wheels to turn again. I feel like we have been sitting here forever. You will be so much more relaxed and the fur kids will be so excited. Have fun.

  6. Great news! Have fun and send lots of pictures. Wish I was in my "new" home.

  7. I'm so happy for you. Hope you have a wonderful time on the journey and good luck at the event.

  8. I can feel your excitement. You will be renewed by time you have to return.
    Hope you 4 legged kids win some stuff. Good luck!

  9. So happy that you finally get to go on the road again! Think of it as a trial run....more to come!

  10. How exciting!! And the Nationals to boot... that is so cool. I used to show dogs back in the days when I could actually run. Now I hobble. You're gonna have so much fun!

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  12. Haha! Good for you!!! PA will wait and I'm sure not going far myself this summer. That is so exciting to be going to the National Saluki show. I am sooo happy for you!! I used to show my dairy goats ans once at Nat'ls when it came to Harrisburg. Fun! Best wishes and be waiting to hear how you did!

  13. Ok, I give up, WHERE are you? Did you drive off the edge of the earth? I heard it was flat. Hope you are OK and having a blast, but sure do wish you would POST something!

  14. Where are you? I've posted to WGS and you're nowhere to be found. Has Murphy won???

    Are you okay?

  15. Yes where are you are you OK?

  16. Thanks for your concerns everyone. I just put up a new post. But I'm pretty devastated right now...I'll be back to my old self soon. I promise. xoxo


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