Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Basket Case!

Welcome to 3 new followers! I'm glad to have ya'll along & I've joined up with ya'll as well! :-)

Theresa    of A Wolf and A Lion - Theresa aspires to be a future RVer & wants to travel with her Standard Poodle puppy, whose name is Lion! Standard Poodles are very intelligent & happy dogs. They are just plain fun! I hope your dreams work out! I'm looking forward to following your future adventures! 

FD5, Retired  of Travels Of John & Bridget. John & Bridget are both retired & are living the life of fulltimers now! How exciting that they recently succeeded on their first full year of fulltiming on May 1st! John is retired from the fire department & Bridget is retired from working for the State of Mississippi. (I could abbreviate, but it's just a fun state to type). I've joined up with ya'll & am looking forward to following future adventures!

Jenny Johns  of Jenny Take A Ride - a wordpress user. Jenny has started new adventures in her van, traveling & selling her amazing artwork! Jenny, get some photos up on your blog please!! I wish you big success with your art & travels.
Her daughter Jena has also started some of her own adventures in a van as well. I was so surprised when I opened her blog only to find out that she bascially has the same van I do! I've asked her how many times she has hit her head inside of her van because I constantly hit mine in my van!

OK, now onto my blog:

Yes, Basket Case -- as in using baskets for storage...or shelves. Actually shelves.
And you thought I was talking about myself didn't you? Ha!

My bed area had no space to put a clock, a box of kleenex, my glasses or the remote control. I like to watch TV in bed at night. But my bed is the overhead bunk area of a small ClassC, so it doesn't have a nightstand. Actually, nothing can stand up there! Trust me. I tried an air mattress once, that didn't work out well. I kept hitting my elbows on the ceiling! So I use a memory foam mattress (foam pad) on top of the cushions. It's a comfy bed. Anyhow, back to the shelves. Soooo, it was driving me nuts (nuttier) that I could not put my things anywhere without worrying that I'd find them under myself sometime during the night. Didn't want to break my glasses or turn the TV on only to wake me once I fell asleep.

So here are the baskets.

Pretty nifty huh? I can have a place for my clock now & actually see it. A place for air freshner. Then the seagrass basket can contain my kleenex's, hand lotion, glasses & remote control! Small paperback books would fit in there as well.

My other problem area is in my bathroom. It's small. My sink has very, very little space around it. Things fall off & bomb the poor trash can that sets in a corner of the bathroom, by the sink. It now has the hammered finish! So I got this to contain the daily items on. My cabinet door drives me crazy as it constantly tries to close on me, & it's small too, so not much room for stuff in there. So this shelf, which is actually a shower caddy, fits perfectly in the corner where I can put my daily items on top of! Thus not having to mess with that cabinet door, taking things out, setting them on the counter, etc.   But my toothbrush & toothpaste still remain inside of the cabinet! You do not want those sitting out on any counter tops in a small bathroom like that. It's not really all that sanitary to do so.

So now all I have to contend with is a pump type jar of hand soap on the counter. Much cleaner & much easier to deal with!

The orange thing is a cute air freshner container that contains orange scented beads & a lady bug on the lid. I didn't take a picture of my items on the shelf. But I'm very happy with the way they fit & another solution resolved! :-))

A sunrise from a couple of mornings ago:

Wow, yesterday was my 100th post & I missed seeing that! So today's is post 101.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Congratulations on your 101st post and now that you've explained hitting your head in the van multiple times things are a lot clearer. ;)

  2. Great ideas for small and hard places to keep items. I like baskets. The cabinets here at the Tin Can are a little to high for me so I have baskets holding stuff and I just can take the basket and and grab what I

  3. Good ideas for storage...drives me nuts also to have things scattered about and always looking for them.

  4. Lovely. Your interior has such style. Mine will look like an army barracks in comparison - LOL!

  5. Great storage ideas. It is so important to "corral" things so they don't take over in an RV. Congrats on your 101 post.

  6. Great storage ideas Cyn! I just found this post, don't know why they aren't coming to my email...please tell me where to click for that.

    Thanks for the kind words about my art. I put a link on my blog but never thought about posting pics of it. I hit my head a lot too :P

    "Of course the world revolves around me. That's why I'm so dizzy!"

    1. Jenny, there's a subscribe by email link at the bottom corner of the comment box. Oh I like the world revolves around me statement, I might have to steal that one!


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