Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Blood mOOn

Yep, I set my alarm for 1:30am & got out of my nice warm bed to stand outside in the cold. Wind chill factor of 36 & windy. Brrrrr. 

Camera on a tripod, tripod blowing a bit, but was still able to get something!

Then pain hit, so I had to call it quits & get back into my now cold not so warm bed. 

The price we pay for nature huh?

I have a broken finger, my little finger on my right hand. Soooo, it was screaming at me in pain. I ignored it as best as I could to get the footage though. Yes, I was a bad Mom to my little finger!

So, I'll insert some photos for those that .....uh oh, I can't. OK, I'll have to do that later as I want to get this post out. The photos are in my external harddrive, so again, will get them later. 

But I do have this video I slaved for.....so please enjoy!

PS, My Tarsal Tunnel is back, which is partly why I've been absent. I go to surgery tomorrow. I guess during my healing time will be a good time to catch up with ya'll. Have a wonderful evening everyone. 


  1. Thanks for slaving through the pain so I could enjoy the eclipse. We were clouded over here so the best I could do was sleep through it.

    1. Thank you! It was kind of hard to get out of that warm bed so I could stand outside & get frostbite! ;-)

  2. Great video. But I'm sure sorry about your finger. Hope the surgery goes well and fixes everything.

    1. Thanks! Geez I can't even remember what I'm blogging about these days, Maybe I should return to blogging more often!

  3. thanks for the footage. Sorry about the finger. I'm hoping this surgery will fix your problem.


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