Sunday, April 27, 2014

In my down time....

I had my surgery. Am supposed to keep off my feet as much as possible. 

Again, RV's make great recovery rooms! 

In my downtime, I've decided to learn more about my camera. 

A Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ70. It's a super zoom camera! You can shoot the moon with this camera. 

Shot at full digital zoom. 
 The blood moon
Note the craters!

I love this camera! I'm learning more & more about it. 

You know what? Maybe I already shared these moon pics? I don't recall. If so, please forgive me!

Today, I learned how to do One Point Color. It's fun! Need to take better photos of the flowers though. The winds were blowing them around. I'm also learning how to use my filters & lens hoods. This is so much fun!
(keeps me away from the potato chips too)

Yes, this is a custom hood on this truck. 

This is fun! Maybe once I'm better, I can do a bit of traveling & do some photos & cool videos of places!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. 
See, one can still find things to do while in down time too. :-)

As far as my healing goes. Had a bandage change last Wednesday. The doc shot my foot with a steroid to stunt the healing somewhat so we can try to prevent as much scar tissue as possible. Yep, that's been the problem. Scar tissue keeps forming, which keeps bringing the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome back. 

Enough already huh?!

Oh & did I mention I also have a broken finger? 

Another 3 weeks in the finger splint - at least....
At least it's my little finger on my right hand. Sure, I make more typos now, but all in all, it's not that much of a problem. 

Thank goodness. 


  1. It sounds like you're doing better - that's good! And really learning a lot about your camera. I love the photos! My old Nikon had that one-color option, it was fun! You sure did get a close-up of the moon.

    How did you break your finger - geez, that's not good! :(

  2. Staying off you feet is a good thing, learning the camera will open new worlds to you. Enjoy your down time.

  3. Great shots with that camera. I hope you can get well soon.

  4. Awesome pics. Hope you heal up nicely (I almost wrote "heel"...).

  5. How did surgery go? Pls update! I am in a similar boat and need all the advice i can get. Had TTL release in feb and i am back to the same pain now. A foot/ankle ortho did it but im not convinced he does a lot of these. There was nothign done or mentioned about scar tissue so wouldnt be surprised if that is why i am back to drawing board. Is what what you did, a TT release again?


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