Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Small Spaces, Tiny Houses

 I'm taking a break from working on my RV. I'll do a blog about it when I get the photos uploaded & edited. 

In the meantime:

I came across this video - actually, it's a documentary of life in small spaces.

It's very intriguing.

I'm absorbed in how they can create so much in such small spaces.

RV's have always intrigued me with what all goes into them.

These homes are rather cool!

I'll warn you, the documentary is around 1 hour, 22 mins long, so if you have time, enjoy it!


  1. I have always liked small houses. I loved the Little House on the Prairie house, it was so compact but hey had all they needed to survive. I see these mammoth houses today and I just shake my head. why on earth would anyone need that much space. For one thing I wouldn't want to keep it clean. I love the RVs too, they amaze me how they get so much in that tiny space, and no space goes unused.

  2. Interesting. Especially seeing some of the things they do in Europe. Compared to my van, 400 sq ft is very large.

  3. Thanks for posting this video, I'm going to check it out later this evening. :)


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