Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Please Enter

My current entry step. 

Although my step in area is fixed now & I do actually have steps, I still prefer to use something other than the metal pull out step. I don't like the way it "gives" when you step on it & it's just not the right position to step onto. 

I think many folks don't like their entry steps & choose alternatives. 

OK, so maybe I should have cleaned it up for the photo. ;-}
I also have another area mat to use, but am not using it here as the sun & elements just eat them up! I'll buy a new welcome mat too. This one has seen better days...

This stool, I actually use for my portable a/c. It fits perfectly between my front seats. I place a piece of plywood on top of it & a small carpet rug on top of that. Then the a/c gets sat on top of all that. 

The step is rated for around 400 pounds if I'm not mistaken. So in that case, I won't have to worry when company comes to visit if they weigh more than the 200 pound mark that my last step would only hold. 
And I broke that last one anyhow. Dang, too bad I broke it because I liked the way it folded up. I'll have to find another one for traveling as this one would be too clumbersome to travel with & move around. 

When I travel, I'll probably put this one back between my front seats & find a foldable one to use otherwise at that time. 

But I might go back to Home Depot & buy another one of these this summer as it is the perfect a/c stool & it makes a good entry step as well! So at that time, I'll need two of these things. 

Unless I'd happen to move where I could actually get the correct power to use the roof can dream, right? 

Anyhow, I hope all is well with everyone. 

I'm still working on another post of all the work I did last Sunday! 
So maybe tomorrow, I'll get that one done. I'm still recovering....  

OH, good news! I have an appointment with PPL on Monday to get my generator fixed!!! Yay!! Hope it'll be an easy fix at this point! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Nice step, have never seen one like that before. I like out steps but there are only 3 should have been 4 that last one just kills my knee (had surgery on) the jar when I hit the ground...ouch!
    Funny how we can figure out how to use itmes for many different ways it was not intended for.

  2. Nice job Cyn! Used those steps in our land house kitchen. I'm vertically challenged at only 5 feet tall! Never thought to bring them on the road!

  3. I like that step thing. I bought one for the motor home because I did't like the steps either. But your's looks much sturdier. And the steps are wider too.

  4. Friends took me to dinner in their Jeep the other day. Good thing they brought a folding step for me to climb up into their lifted vehicle. I could not have gone with them without it. Steps play amazing roles in our lives. I have one with folding legs that stores behind my driver seat in case I ever park somewhere my running boards are not enough. Haven't had to use it yet, though.


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