Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Test Post - testing Opera

IE has become so unstable that it's no longer usable. After spending days & days trying to figure it out, I'm coming up with nothing. 

I've reset it. 

I've uninstalled it. 

I've ran their trouble shooting programs on it.

I've ran my antivirus for a deep scan. 

I've ran two different malware programs. 

Everything comes up clean. 

But something is creating the problem, I just can't pinpoint it!

Firefox won't open Blogger. 

I've used Chrome twice on this computer, it doesn't work on this computer. 

So out of frustration, I've downloaded & am now using Opera in the meantime. 
Although Blogger says it's unsupported, at least it's working. 
Although it reminds me a little of safe mode when starting your computer up in that. 

But again, for now, I at least can use Opera to view blogger on & to upload & use blogger on. 

Life is too short for this crappage. 

Done venting now. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Hmmm, actually, this is a lot faster than IE is! So that's a good thing! 

Well, wouldn't you know it. I had firefox open too, so I tried to open blogger again & this time it worked! Jealously??? Probably more because of all the things I tried to get IE to work applied itself to Firefox too? 
Who knows. But now at least I can use Opera or FF. 

Boooo IE, Boooo!!!! 

Opera is FAST too! Yay!

If interested, go to & do a download if you too are having issues. 

Or if you want a faster browser experience! Although I've only used it for blogger so far...


  1. Well I guess that is better than the fat lady singing - which is the first thing I thought of when I read your title.

    1. Haha Donna, she'd better be singing Christmas Carols this time of year! Hmmm, firefox opened this too. I still think it got jealous.

  2. Glad you've got something working. Computers were invented to test us.

  3. Probably your computer's a little long in the tooth to work well with some of the newer browsers. I use Opera to. Be sure to go into the settings and set it to automatically update so you get all the fixes. I had it crashing with some frequency but it seems to be better after I updated it. Firefox just runs way too slow on my computer. Chrome runs pretty well. I have to shut them down every day or so and run the cleanup to keep the malware away.

  4. Thanks Mary, I'll be sure to set that setting. Thanks for letting me know about it. I usually shut my computer down each night, so all browsers get closed too.

  5. Did you get a new puppie? What a cutie.

    1. No Jo, it's a puppy pic of Birdie when she was a baby. She'd sneak out of her little puppy pool (bed) to sleep with her mama on the plushy bed. It was too cute to find her there every morning! That was her mama's snood she had on. (a snood is what they wear over their head to keep their ears clean when they eat)


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