Friday, December 28, 2012

Nice relaxing

Welcome Janet! Janet's blog is Van Tripping in the USA. It's inspiring. She travels in a 2010 Dodge Caravan & shares her travels in her blog. Awesome Janet! 


Soooo, I decided to take the day off.

To relax. 

To watch the last two remaining movies of the stack of movies I brought home from the library. 

They are due back by Monday. 

Soooo, I got the dogs done. Then came back out to the RV. 

Oh what the heck, I should fill that flat tire (again) so the RV isn't sitting on one dually on the drivers side. 

There's a problem with the tire, but I'm now thinking that the extension wasn't put on properly or that the tire stem may even be bad. I'll have to get that taken care of soon. But I was REALLY hoping that I could just save some money & buy two new tires instead & go back to a level of tire comfort. 

Soooo, I think, oh what the heck, it won't take long to air it back up.

So I do. 

Then I leave the motorhome running for awhile afterwards to be sure that the battery is ok. I leave it running while airing tires too of course. I do a couple of errands, then come back & shut the engine off. 

Then I turn it back on. ARGH! Battery is dead! So now it's on a trickle charge. I'm not sure what's going on there as I've aired tires up a million times. Now if I had only paid myself a dollar for each air up, then I'd be able to afford the two new tires now huh? But nope, it doesn't work that way. 

My friends have one of those professional type of battery chargers, so I went to the storage building & got it out. Now the battery is on a trickle charge. Did this last week too. So again, not sure if it's the battery or what is going on, but after last weeks trickle charge, the battery was fine again. It is however dated for 2005, so it might be on it's way out.  Any ideas would be welcomed on the battery thing just to be sure. But I'm probably heading down a path towards a new battery. 

OK, so since the battery is charging, I came back inside of the RV. 

OH, haven't made my bed up yet & my ladder is still down. OK, made the bed & put the ladder back in it's day place. 

Oh look, I have coke cans littering my kitchen. Lets do something about that. So I pull the tabs off the cans - those I save for organizations that take them for kids in need of operations. It's a great thing to do. 

Then I put the cans in a bag for recycling & put them outside in the can pile. 

Yes, I'm a coke-a-holic. It's my one naughty in life.

Then I think, Oh I should check all my batteries, including the coach battery. 

Soooo, I pop the tops off, top off what's necessary with distilled water. Coach battery, van battery, already did the RV battery before I started charging it. Good thing I decided to do this because the last time I had the RV worked on, they did NOT totally pop the water cover back on my coach battery!! So it was loose & I would have been mad had it fallen off & I would have had to buy a new battery! Geez, it sucks to have to go back & check things after they've been worked on. And I didn't even know this guy had looked at my battery. But now that I think of it, I do remember him trying to put the cables back on, he didn't hit the kill switch. And he did it twice before I mentioned maybe he should hit the cut off switch first?? Hmmm, sure makes one wonder...

OK, now I'll fix my entry step because same guy didn't bolt it back down properly. So I do that deed, which also involved jacking the step back up because it's been rebuilt TWICE & still wasn't fixed right. :-/  Always something. So one day, I'll find someone that knows how to do it right. I hope. I still like the idea of an RV fix-it camp! Kind of like homes for humanity. Maybe RV's for humanity....or better yet, RV fix'it for sanity. Yes, I like that! 

OK, so got that done. 

It's now 2pm & I've not really sat down for very long. 

Maybe I'll put that movie in...but first, I have to go clean litter boxes & play with kitties for a little while.

Then maybe I'll put that movie in...but wait, I have to go to youtube to find out how this FM transmitter thing works that I bought yesterday. 

Then maybe I'll put that movie in...but then, it might be time to start fixing dinner. 

Oh heck, anyone want to borrow a movie??


Y'know...I could also reseal down my coach lights...and...and...and....

My foot hurts. It would kick my butt if it could.  

Please, will someone put that movie in for me then? 

Did I mention that the FedEx guy came?
That required a trip to his truck. 

Did I mention that the UPS guy came?
That required a trip to his truck. 

Did I mention that I finally sat down & the mailman came?? 
Geez, that required a trip out to his car!
Then I had to walk to the mailbox to get the rest of my mail. 

Now I really can't walk for awhile.


And none of the packages were for me...I guess Christmas is over...

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Not my idea of a very relaxing day. It just never seems to end some times. 2013 has got to be a better year.

    1. And I've got to learn to just sit still for awhile...yes, it's got to get better for us all! Cheers!

  2. You must have gotten a real sugar rush from today's Coke(s), you were on a roll lady.

    1. Actually, they are diet cokes. I've been in the house so much, that things in the RV kitchen were piling up & neglected!

  3. So now your foot hurts and then you wonder why you aren't healing. I think Shoeles Joe might have something there about your coke(s)

    1. Hii Jo. I don't think I'm going to heal without surgery...the nerve damage won't heal on it's own. I don't have anyone to tend to things, so have to do them on my own. to neglect them would be worse.

  4. Sounds like you need a new battery (not that I am anything approaching an expert in mechanics). I just replaced mine and it was $134 parts and labor. An "Interstate" battery. I bet you could do better than that if you shopped around.

  5. YEs,I probably do. I'll have the current one checked first. Thx

  6. Looks to me like you failed relaxing class. But, I do understand about no one else is going to do it. Don't look at my kitchen right now, OK?

    1. Oh Linda, you just made my day!!! Haha on the kitchen remark! Thank you.

    2. OK you guilted me into washing my dishes but I still didn't sweep the floor.

      (Actually I washed dishes because I couldn't make another meal until I did that. A side "benefit?" of living in a small space.)

    3. An RV fix it camp! That's such a cool idea. It should have little sheds so we can take everything out and deep-clean the rig and sort things out. There could be an on-going flea market at the entrance so we could get rid of our excess. We could have a couple of truly competent fix-it guys on call, or on staff if busy enough... And it should be affordable for us normal people who don't drive million dollar busses.

  7. What was the name of that movie anyway?? Haha, life just happens sometimes.I love your idea of a RV Fix-it place. I'd be by to get some little things taken care of, and just to visit!
    Great post, Cyn! Hope your day today is enjoyable!


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