Thursday, June 21, 2012


Welcome to Sandy F.   Sandy, if you have a blog, please share the url & I'll be happy to post it. I don't see anything on you, but am glad to have you along!

So I'm really behind -- again. But I AM in Pa & am getting some down time that I much needed here. My family has been slowly dropping in. I've seen my sisters Deb & Linda so far. I have two other sisters, but one (Barb) lives in Fla, the other (Bev) in Tx. I've seen my 3 brothers too, Sonny, Tom & David. Saw one of my nieces (Elizabeth) today. So it's nice seeing them. My sister, Linda has organized a family reunion, so we'll all be seeing other relatives very soon!

The dogs have been getting many walks by me & I always have those baggies in my pockets!! So my right pocket is always lumped up with empty baggies. Once full, they do NOT go back into my pocket! Ha! So get that thought right out of your head...right now. Really. Yuck.

I'll post more about the campgrounds I'm in later. Just thought I'd drop a quick post today as I've really been lacking on posting lately. I'm at Wolf's Campground in Knox, Pa.

I arrived here on June 12, 2012. But I've been too tired to get on the internet, I'm getting better now though. Have been doing a tiny bit of hiking here as well. I have good hiking boots that really help with my bad foot, they really stablilze it. In fact, I sometimes walk the dogs in them too. And I got a hiking pole to that aids me a little bit. But the trails I've walked on are small & easy trails. They are in the woods behind the campgrounds. Not all that big & no dangerous wildlife exists in the tiny wooded area where I am. Thank goodness! ;-)

Entering the Pa state line from Ohio

Pa skies are getting darker...and it's not night time.

Rain...rain...rain...then a torrential downpour. Of course, the downpour happened when I pulled over for gas! I like to keep a full tank when camping. I did not do that in Ark, didn't want to make that mistake again. Plus after passing station after station that was selling gas for $3.75per gallon, it was nice to finally see it at $3.49 per gallon. Then when I get to my destination, it was offered at $3.44 per gallon & the price is coming down now. Go figure. But hey, I'm here now!

Ellie in my Mom's driveway. Pssst, don't tell her about this picture. The yard has since been weedeated. heehee
The best thing about this place is the 30amp plug in -- YAY!! Which is a good thing as it's in the 90's again today.

OK, I now have to go climb up on my roof  ::sigh::   The etrnabond is lifting away on the front of my overhead cab roof line! ARGH!!! So I have silver duct tape that is weather proof to put over it for now. It's a better than nothing fix for now. But I am not happy about this because it's a reflection of the work previously done on it by um...professionals...uh huh. And the overhead window that they resealed with the rubber gasket. Well, they caulked the daylights out of it, so it's lifting! I can do a better job. I'm 1400 miles away from them now, so I'll have to fix it myself. Grrrr & grrrrumble.
But I'm taking pictures for proof!

I hope ya'll are having great days! Thanks for stopping by :-)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Sorry to hear you have leak problems again. Have a wonderful time with your family. Let's all hope the gas and diesel keep coming down for a while.

  2. It really might be time to re-evaluate a new motorhome. I know you don't want the payments etc. but sometimes you just have to think about quality of life. Hope the duct tape works for a bit....probably be ok while you are parked. Rest up and enjoy the AC...

  3. Hi, it's not leaking again. I just noticed how the eternabond was lifting away when I looked out a window at my Mom's house. I bought a roll of the bright silver duct tape, not the vinyl type, but the waterproof type that is very similiar to etrnabond, so for a temp fix till I can get back to Texas, I used it up there. But I am a bit angry over the RV place that did the rebuild. They really did do shoddy work on that area! They should have replaced the eternabond, but they didn't. They reused the same piece! And caulked the heck out of it. Dumb move if you ask me.
    So the tape is preventative maintenance for now.

  4. Not sure what we would do without the hundred mile per hour tape to keep us together until we get some place for repairs. But I cannot believe what a terrible job they did for you. Definitely take pictures and be sure they make it right. Such a pain. Are you guys having the heat wave in your area that seems to be hitting the east Coast? Stay cool and enjoy your family time. I'm sure the pups are happy with any walks that you can take them on.

  5. Glad you settled in and having visits from family. That's always a good way to relieve some stress.

  6. Spooky looking sky there. Glad you made it through the storm and to your destination.

  7. I hate a continued problem when you spend so much on the repair. I have so little tolerance for bad work.
    But at least you are at your mom's house and seeing all your siblings and other family members. Have a good time.

  8. Glad your foot is working!!! Boo Hiss on the RV nonfixers!


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