Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun day, meeting a fellow blogger

What a fun day yesterday was!

 I am still in Pa, Sunny of Changing Lanes recently moved back to Pa. We wanted to get together. She only lives around 34 miles from where my Mom lives. So she made the trek over to visit! Yay! She also brought her cute little Izzy along. Wow, what an angel Izzy is! My dogs would not have been nearly as well behaved as Izzy is. Sunny even put half of a fish sandwich in the back of her, had I done that with ANY of mine, it would have been stolen. No question about that! But not the case with Izzy. Again, what a good girl!

Sunny & the adorable Izzy

Sunny & I instantly knew each other on sight. We walked over when she got here & I introduced her to my mother. They had a nice conversation, but Mom was working. So we went on. Since Sunny paints, Sunny's studio, we went around & took pictures for inspiration of future paintings. We took pics of the pond here at the campgrounds. They have a 9 acre might be 14 acres? Says 9 on the site, but folks say it's 14. Who knows, it's just a BIG pond! ;-)  With ducks & geese. The ducks come running expecting one to feed them. Too cute! I didn't take my camera to the pond, but Sunny did. Maybe she'll put up some of those pics.

We also drove around the campgrounds here. There are a lot of seasonal sites that folks keep for years. They have cute little RV's or Park Model type of homes on them. Some adorable, some well...not so adorable...but a nice retreat regardless if we approve of your home or not. Ha!

Then we drove off to find other places to shoot. What a fun day it was, just driving & appreciating the country side. Pa sure has beautiful landscape, rich in history.

Then we drove to Clarion to get some lunch. Sunny got a fish sandwich, I got an open face pot roast sandwich. Her sandwich looked really good though!

Then we drove on after lunch & passed over the Clarion River. So beautiful! But I remember the day of the old bridges & easier access to the boats & docks. I guess progress does have to make things safer eventually though. Even IF we could have gotten crushed under car wheels crossing the road. OK, so that could have happened with the old bridge too, but hey, we need some drama here.

Two photos of the Clarion River.

Then we decided to go to Cooks Forest. A really nice state park that's a beautiful drive to get to.


On the way to Cooks Forest.

We passed this!

We had to stop.

Well, we actually had to turn around to stop.

But we got there & this was a real gem!

   Inside Helen Furnace, looking up. It was nice & cool inside of there too. But we didn't think to do a spiderman & climb the walls. Darn.

Loved the way this dandelion was growing on the outside wall of Helen Furnace.

Then we continued on.

We went to Cooks Forest.

I could spend DAYS there! And they have RV camping there too. Will have to check that out sometime.

I only took pics of the water there.

This was so beautiful. You could hear the water rushing down stream.

You can rent canoes here & go canoeing! Or you can drift along on tubes. Or just go swimming. I didn't test the water to see how cool it was though. I forgot to. The camera probably would not like to have tested it though.

They also have cabin rentals there. Sunny noticed that outside of one of the cabins, sitting at a picnic table was an amish family. I thought about taking a picture, but quickly decided that would be disrespectful of the Amish since they do not like that. Sunny agreed.

Then when we got back, Sunny dropped me off. The moment she did, my brother drove up. He wanted to go out to dinner with me & my Mom. So I walked the dogs, got ready, then we left. After dinner, we drove all around the area. He followed our old school bus trail, it was fun.


We went to...

Crybaby graveyard!

They say you can hear a baby cry there at night.

Um, my Mom & her friends took my sister in law there several years ago. Blind folded her before they got there & left her!! It was part of her bachorlette party.
I think I'm glad I got married in Texas!!!

Today is nice & cool. I'm just chillin' out today, doing NOTHING of importance. Other than posting this blog.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Replies
    1. Kim, she's a total sweetheart! Soo cute. And Sunny is lucky to have her in her life.

  2. Izzy is a cutie pie. And there is no way my girls would leave a sandwich alone. It would be gone. A great day and the furnace was a great find.

  3. Sounds like a great visit and I so admire your respecting the beliefs of the Amish, so many people wouldn't. That stream looks like it's made for a float trip.

    1. John, yes, we must remember to honor the respect of others...although for a moment, I almost forgot!! I think Sunny would have smacked me back to reality anyhow ;-)

  4. Cyn, Your photos turned out so much better than most of mine :) I am glad you remembered your camera before we headed off to the river and Cook's Forest. I had a very nice day and it was a pleasure meeting up with you!

    1. I totally enjoyed the day Sunny! Glad I grabbed the camera too. I also took video, will have to upload that & see how it turned out.

  5. Nice pictures. That stream looks like a great place for a little water play. And Izzy is just as cute as a button. Agree with Shoeless Joe about showing respect for the Amish beliefs and customs.

    1. THanks Donna. I thought it was great that the Amish could go out, rent a cabin & have a good day. Well, I assume they rented the cabin, but they could have just been having a good day at the park too.

  6. Good to see you out of Texas! Even if it made me want a fish sandwich. It's fun to meet other bloggers, isn't it? It's like being in a secret club.

    1. It's going to suck to have to go back soon! Mostly because I can't can this weather & take it back with me. Yes, it was fun meeting Sunny. I'll have to work on meeting others now.

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by!! I'll have to drop in for a visit too. :-)

  8. Likde I told Sunny I wish I could have been hangin with you yesterday. Sounded like a fun day. Lot's of exploring.

  9. What fun! Great pictures ;) cute little Izzy

  10. What a great day!
    It is so hot here in Fl would love to be in PA.
    what a cute dog.


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